Friday, January 11, 2013

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

The other day I saw Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I loved the movie but not just because of the delicious sushi featured in the film. The movie, in reality, wasn't about sushi at all. Its about greatness and genius. Even though he was told that the art of sushi was as advanced as it ever would be, he decided to dedicate his life to sushi. Everyday he strove to make better sushi than before. My favorite quote from the movie is when Jiro told his secret to success, "Once you decide on your occupation... you must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work. Never complain about your job. You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That's the secret of success... and is the key to being regarded honorably." One of his sons mentioned what Jiro taught  "Always look ahead and above yourself. Always try to improve on yourself. Always strive to elevate your craft. That's what he taught me." Jiro did not only work to become a master of sushi he also took time to teach others. He taught his sons his skill and many other apprentices. That way his art will live on after him, creating a legacy. I like Jiro's approach to life. Don't complain. Whatever you do try to be the best at it, fall in love with it. Constantly challenge yourself, take pride in your work. So, I hope everyone gets to watch it.
News about Emmaspicnic: I took a hiatus from blogging for the reason of figuring out some things and I realized that writing is  something I  love doing and want to do always. So, each week there will be a minimum of two posts;that's my goal.Thanks for reading. Many many hugs and warm feelings. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
After watching Bye Bye Birdie for the millionth time, I decided that I wanted to post about my favorite song from that movie, How Lovely To Be A Woman. That song made me think about makeup. On one hand its purpose is to cover-up, but even models with flawless skin wear make-up. Also, skin-care products that fix skin blemishes usually cost about the same if not a little less than a full make-up set. Make-up is just really fun to put on. You get to play with different colors and looks. Even putting on a little makeup makes me feel so feminine and princess-like. Of course, balance and sense is essential. But, I guess in the end I wanted to say that wearing make-up even a lot of it is not necessarily a sign of low self-respect and confidence, or having something to hide.
Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings

Friday, May 18, 2012

Inspiration and Genius... One and The Same--Victor Hugo


    Isn't great when you feel inspired or when someone gives you the priceless gift of inspiration? The other day a buddy told me about Henry Wolfe, so, when I got bored later that day I checked him out. Luvvved him. His songs really spoke to me but, the music videos really stuck with me, especially "Someone Else". Brit Marling (the girl in the video) is so beautiful, natural and carefree. I was inspired to start wearing my old stretched out ballet slippers around the house instead of my barefeet. That enabled me to practice my pirouettes in my house which is hard to do barefoot without hurting oneself. I touched my sewing machine for the first time in a month and made a cute bag, all to be Brit Marling for a day. I was inspired by Henry Wolfe and how he seems in his music so open , himself, and happy. So, from now on my one goal is to be happy,myself,go with the flow, and be light hearted. Henry Wolfe and other things all contributed to my goal to be aware and awake to every moment and  in tune to myself and those I care about. Last thing, I figured how to have a pet without getting a "pet"... vegetable, plant, flower pets. I love plants, and ,they need care and love just as much as any animal...:) So in conclusion, I hope you like the video. Happy Inspirations. :)
Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Please Don't Be So Stupid...

   I promise that there won't be another post with a French video until two English videos are posted. (unless you like the french videos *wink wink*) Anyways, I wanted to post this video because of: the style, hair make-up combination, fiftyness, fashion, personality and most importantly the technology and song. This video is actually a commercial for General Motors. I'm guessing the point is that the technology they will produce would make housework so easy and quick that the "pretty young housewife" could get dolled up for housework, play tennis, lounge by the pool and be suuper glamorous. Technology did play a big role in opening more opportunities for women outside the home. But, outside of that, technology has caused problems, like, the sedentary lifestyle. Its way too easy and appealing to spend spare time in front of the TV instead of being active or social(face to face social). Even GPS has its downsides. Its good for the mind to read maps and to be challenged with finding a way in a new environment but, with GPS there is no need for that. TV and GPS are good but they shouldn't be used so much that they become "necessities". The brain is such a wonderful thing but like all working devices it needs exercise. So, I think its funny that the song put to the video is Ne sois pas si bĂȘte which means "don't be so stupid".
Much thanks for reading Many hugs and warm feelings. :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Be Happy...!

      In a desperate search for something to read, I picked up my old Shakespeare plays. I decided to give Romeo&Juliet a second read. Its a wonderful book but to me its not romantic at all. I would not want to be in a relationship anything like theirs.My ideal is that love should make you want to live to the fullest, inspire you to be your best, and give you new perspective, whether or not the relationship works out. To me, Juliet did not become a better or happier person after meeting Romeo. Romeo would require his own post and it wouldn't be positive and so it will never be. I think romance is Michel Berger and France Gall. Their collaboration saved France's career and expanded Michel's. After their marriage, France Gall got involved in charity work. After Michel's death at 45, she still performs their songs for various charities.That's romantic.
     To conclude, a video of France Gall and Michel Berger.Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

All Girls Are Not Imaginary.

     A lot of people have strong opinions about "real girls". Some have opinions that are important for people to hear. It bothers me, though, when people say "real girls eat meat" or "real girls don't eat meat" or the like. By 'the like' I mean comments about preferences and choices that truly aren't anyone's business but the person with the preference or choice. Real girls make informed decisions about nutrition and everything else and act on them. Then again, the adjective real is a bad one when applied to people. It implies that anyone that doesn't follow the direction of the statement isn't a genuine person. Differences are important to make a balanced world , "real" doesn't give differences any respect and puts someone down to raise someone up. Labels aren't for people. So, I'll rephrase my statement to be assertive and not a bigot. Making informed decisions about nutrition and everything else and then acting on those decisions is a healthy way of life.:)
Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's Important?

They says the trip is the best part of a journey, or as the song goes "its the climb". But, the destination should be the best part and the most important. In life, the time in the destination should be much longer than the trip. Which is better? Take the longer, more scenic,posh , round about way and risk getting completely lost or take the direct way even if its pretty regular because its a straight shot to where I want to go? What  really is important? How you got somewhere or where that somewhere was?
To conclude this rather short post I put a song with a picture by one of my new favorite bands, the Softies. Being a new driver, this is what I call " music to drive to". Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings. :)