Thursday, May 10, 2012

Please Don't Be So Stupid...

   I promise that there won't be another post with a French video until two English videos are posted. (unless you like the french videos *wink wink*) Anyways, I wanted to post this video because of: the style, hair make-up combination, fiftyness, fashion, personality and most importantly the technology and song. This video is actually a commercial for General Motors. I'm guessing the point is that the technology they will produce would make housework so easy and quick that the "pretty young housewife" could get dolled up for housework, play tennis, lounge by the pool and be suuper glamorous. Technology did play a big role in opening more opportunities for women outside the home. But, outside of that, technology has caused problems, like, the sedentary lifestyle. Its way too easy and appealing to spend spare time in front of the TV instead of being active or social(face to face social). Even GPS has its downsides. Its good for the mind to read maps and to be challenged with finding a way in a new environment but, with GPS there is no need for that. TV and GPS are good but they shouldn't be used so much that they become "necessities". The brain is such a wonderful thing but like all working devices it needs exercise. So, I think its funny that the song put to the video is Ne sois pas si bête which means "don't be so stupid".
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