Friday, May 18, 2012

Inspiration and Genius... One and The Same--Victor Hugo


    Isn't great when you feel inspired or when someone gives you the priceless gift of inspiration? The other day a buddy told me about Henry Wolfe, so, when I got bored later that day I checked him out. Luvvved him. His songs really spoke to me but, the music videos really stuck with me, especially "Someone Else". Brit Marling (the girl in the video) is so beautiful, natural and carefree. I was inspired to start wearing my old stretched out ballet slippers around the house instead of my barefeet. That enabled me to practice my pirouettes in my house which is hard to do barefoot without hurting oneself. I touched my sewing machine for the first time in a month and made a cute bag, all to be Brit Marling for a day. I was inspired by Henry Wolfe and how he seems in his music so open , himself, and happy. So, from now on my one goal is to be happy,myself,go with the flow, and be light hearted. Henry Wolfe and other things all contributed to my goal to be aware and awake to every moment and  in tune to myself and those I care about. Last thing, I figured how to have a pet without getting a "pet"... vegetable, plant, flower pets. I love plants, and ,they need care and love just as much as any animal...:) So in conclusion, I hope you like the video. Happy Inspirations. :)
Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings.


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