Friday, March 16, 2012

All Girls Are Not Imaginary.

     A lot of people have strong opinions about "real girls". Some have opinions that are important for people to hear. It bothers me, though, when people say "real girls eat meat" or "real girls don't eat meat" or the like. By 'the like' I mean comments about preferences and choices that truly aren't anyone's business but the person with the preference or choice. Real girls make informed decisions about nutrition and everything else and act on them. Then again, the adjective real is a bad one when applied to people. It implies that anyone that doesn't follow the direction of the statement isn't a genuine person. Differences are important to make a balanced world , "real" doesn't give differences any respect and puts someone down to raise someone up. Labels aren't for people. So, I'll rephrase my statement to be assertive and not a bigot. Making informed decisions about nutrition and everything else and then acting on those decisions is a healthy way of life.:)
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  1. Real girls are smart girls!!!! And they always think before making any decisions.

  2. I was so long ago here, but there's constantly this same retro style.
    I do like this! :)


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