Sunday, January 8, 2012

" Life is Really Simple but We Insist on Making It Complicated"


I recently discovered that I like hats.. Hats are wonderful, especially, the big floppy ones. They shield the neck, hair, face and eyes while making practically any outfit come together to be very chic. The only problem is; where to find good hats/. I like the hats that keep their shape and don't have embellishments(i.e. bows, feathers and such).For hats,the simpler the better, I think.
The simpler the better applies to everything. While clothes with lots going on are eye catching, simple clothes get more wear and stand the test of time. Especially, does this apply to home decor. The more simple the furniture and color scheme, the more the space can evolve with changing tastes and seasons.Life is happier the less complicated it is, too. But, simple doesn't mean boring. In everything from clothes to life, the more basic each major piece is the more you can mix  up ,accessorize, and shuffle to make everything oh so interesting. 
 A frivolous side note:( solid color clothes look fabulous with multicolor, tribal or floral shoes).
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  1. Hats are cool, it's hard to find the right ones to suit you tho. i like top hats which are hard to get. I was looking at etsy the other day and some people put up hat patterns and instructions you can buy. this is one seller on etsy:

    they may not be the exact kind you want, but looking at etsy might be a start.Also second hand shops are good.


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