Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Goals in Writing are Dreams with Deadlines "

Tumblr_lxchpxfcly1r98a7ko1_500_largeThis year my Emmaspicnic goal is to do a post every other day. While thats been my goal for a long time, I usually meant a post with multiple paragraphs. They take me about an hour or more to do and with my schedule it usually doesn't happen. So while I will have "posts" at times most of them or half of them will be mini posts. Miniposts will consist of either a quirky pic found on (or such) with a word about it, or a music video, or just a video.  Also, I'm super stoked to say that this year I will be opening an etsy shop. At first, it will be a vintage-style shop meaning that each item will be one of a kind and in one size. There will be beautiful clothes in sizes xs-1x. I have a name for it ,but, I don't want to say it quite yet because I'm still tossing it in my head. So that's all for today (yes, this was a minipost but it was more a what's coming next post thing).
If you like, I would love to hear what your favorite clothing item or cloth is or what trend is your favorite. I love inspiration and ideas. I want my shop to be a "ooh ooh" kind of shop. XD My personal favorite clothing item are knitted pullovers; favorite cloth is stretch velvet; and favorite trend is colorblocking. I hope everyone had and will have a wonderful year. Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings.:)


  1. Hi Emma, thats really exciting that you're starting up an etsy shop!

    My favourite clothing item is dresses, favourite cloth is cotton or anything with bold, bright vintage patterns, and I'm not sure if I have a favourite trend...

    Good luck with it :)

  2. Thanks Lizzy. There will definitely be lots of cotton, since its one of my favorite fabric to work with. :)


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