Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do We Say What We Mean or Mean What We Say?

 One of my not- so guilty  pleasures are opinion polls. Especially the what guys think of .... or what girls think of... or better yet, what our stylist, her mom, and her husband think of the latest trends. I mainly read them because they're entertaining. You can get brutally honest opinions about everything from nail decals to harem pants because, sadly in most cases, people really don't bother to be nice on the Internet. Still, opinion polls shouldn't  be taken seriously. To illustrate: every poll about hair and makeup says that guys only like girls with straight long hair sans bangs and the pale skin/ red lipstick combo should be a crime(it gets pretty heated). A trip to any urban hotspot quickly disproves that, unless a significant amount of boyfriends don't like their girlfriends.
    So why do polls and the human eye state completely different "facts"? My psychology book did a whole five pages on this question.To summarize: the people who participate in polls rarely represent the population group they claim to represent. ( this is one of the biggest challenges to psychology.) Also, people are not mandated to participate in polls so those that do  have strong opinions on the poll subject.(most guys and girls  I know really don't have written in stone opinions about what is attractive in hair or makeup) In addition, people's opinions change due to everything from age to their mood catch them in. In short unless you find polls funny they aren't worth the time it takes to read them. ( exceptions: if you're dating online and are trying to decide on a good profile pic and want whatever will get the most posts or whatever or something like that.) The best way I found to get advice about hair or makeup is to ask a friend and make them promise to be brutally honest. A rule of thumb about everything from my hair to my shoes: if it makes me feel confident and doesn't diminish my self-respect; its a go.
About my sewing projects, I've made a few patterns but one went south and the others are not able to be realized until I get my new sewing machine. My current machine is breaking needles. By, next week there should be a new hat in pictures. Much thanks for reading, many many hugs and warm feelings.
(if you know of any recipes for colored macaroon cookies, please send me a link. I'll be forever grateful to you. XD )


  1. I ask around, I read, I try to get along by myself.
    Sometimes I feel like if I ask women around me are judging me. I know it's stupid but it's how I feel.

  2. This is interesting, thanks for putting it up. I often wonder how some of these things make sense. we are always told men are drawn to red, like a raging bull, then told they hate read lipstick. well, all i know is i like red lipstick, and i don't care what men think anyhow :P

    but yeah, like Tereza says, i too care more about what women think of my style. i think a lot of women dress more for women than for men. although i really stopped caring a long time ago.


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