Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'd Rather Dance With You Than Talk With You.

   Its been a long month. This is my senior year so I really have to tighten my belt. Being that in a few years, I'll officially be a young adult with allot of budgeting financially and in every other-ly, I have been practicing that as well. I found a few breakthroughs that blew my mind. The first is about soap. When I went   to Florida last summer I went to the EPCOT theme park. There I discovered real french onion soup(absolutely delicious) and all natural olive oil soap bars. The only thing in the soap was olive oil, chamomile, and rose ,  soapified with vegetable glycerin. Its a great body and face soap. My skin type is oily in summer and extremely dry in winter. In the summer I would have sandpaper nose, and scattered pimples.In winter my skin was excessively which made face washing and lotion a pain. That all changed with the help of the olive oil soap , facial buff sponges, and some good health habits. In the morning, I wet my face with cold water, rub the soap bar on the sponge, scrub my face in circular motions, rinse, blot dry and my face is squeaky clean. During the day the skin naturally moisturizes itself. To help my skin out, I eat lots of oatmeal w/h honey, almond butter sandwiches,veggies and self-made fruit smoothies, ( being a tea and soy freak helps too). Best skin advice I ever got: exercise everyday to sweat everyday. Rinse then dry before and after exercise. As if olive oil soap wasn't cool enough, it makes a really rich lather that's a perfect shave cream for guys and gals. At Whole Foods a bar of all natural olive oil, (oatmeal or almond milk are great too) soap is little less than two dollars but its body and face soap, shave cream, and moisturizer all in one. Plus, if you lather thoroughly it leaves a light scent like expensive perfume. 
   The best advice for practically everything is to get lots of sleep. "Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."(Poor Richard's Almanac). For me it helps not to eat or watch tv or listen to music with earphones 90 minutes before bed. When I'm in my room, I turn off all the lights except a nightlight while reading or sewing then when I go to sleep I turn off the nightlight so its completely dark. I used to take me an hour or more to fall asleep, now it takes  ten minutes. I can wake up earlier because I'm asleep allot earlier. Last tip: a basic sewing machine is a terrific investment.  Discount fabric stores often have nice fashionable fabrics for cheap and has really cute, retro and bohemian patterns for free. Just a few pieces of clothing can make tons of interesting outfits. Speaking of sewing, my Mom found her old sewing machine so I made a canvas bag for of the bag It holds up pretty well, but the stitching could be better, (the bobbin is tricky). I made schedules and lists for literally everything, so, every week I should have one project done. My plan is to have a new project and a new post every SaturdayTo conclude: a feel-ggod  song by Kings of Convenience, I'd Rather Dance With You.
Much thanks for reading, many hugs and warm feelings. :)


  1. thats interesting to know about the soap. i have sensitive skin that has a lot of problems, and i find using more natural products really really helps.

    i love Burda! my boyfriend's grandma gets the magazines. over here in Australia, we can't get the materials, which is a shame, but we make do. I'm trying to learn to sew so i can use the patterns from Burda!

    Wow! that bag looks great! you are getting really good at sewing! can't wait to see what else you make!

  2. Hey sweetie, it's been a month, oh my! I really missed you!!!
    Burda... the magazine of my childhood, my grandma had a huge collection.

  3. so sweet!


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