Friday, September 23, 2011

Why Can't We Sit and Do Nothing For Awhile; I Like The Way You Smile.

      Awhile back, I read something or someone told me (don't quite remember) something to the point of, "one should listen to a whole album instead of just picking singles." Listening to one or two songs from an album is comparable to just reading one or two scattered sentences of a paragraph. To fully get the information, one must read the entire paragraph. Even then, I agreed with that idea. I saw it more as an ideal but didn't go through with it. I like allot of artists but I have a limited budget spot for music. So like a music buffet, I would buy a few songs from many artists instead of just spending all my money on one or two albums. 
      Once when I was in Target with ten un-attached dollars, I  bought She&Him  Vol.2. Then I listened to the whole album without touching the skip button once.Honestly, I'm going to do that "Over It Over Again".  The album paragraph is about the beautiful sadness, and headaches of relationships. It starts solemnly with Thieves which is about a " love that's terrible news". Then sadly kick starts with In the Sun, about a one-sided relationship. Vol. 2 escalates with Don't Look Back and Ridin In My Car. The tempo slows down with a slight island beat in Lingering Still, about doubts. Me&You is a slow, reassuring ballad about being kind to oneself. Gonna Get Along Without You Now is an airy song about getting along without a boy that's not worth the trouble he puts your heart through (reminds me of her Zooey's new show New Girl- best show ever by the way). Home, I'm Gonna Make It Better and Sing, are the happiest and most carefree songs of the album. Over it Over Again is about loving someone but running away from them because they annoy you...  then coming back. The album quietly concludes with Brand New Shoes and If You Can't Sleep.
      After listening to the album I felt the way I do after reading a good book or watching movies like, Emma. There's nothing like a good story. I know this sounds sooo obnoxious hipster, but, from now on I'm just going to buy CDs . Its a wonderful experience to sit on your bed listen to a whole album while reading the  lyrics and looking at the pictures included with the album. Even though I hate committing to one or two albums or artists (variety and options are my things), its worth it. Another plus, its good decision-making practice. :)       Sewing Chronicles #2-  I finished a velvet shirt, using a pattern, tape measure, actual fabric scissors and pins. It was an alot less frustrating experience than my first two projects. It wasn't wear-able though, the stiches were shameful, and I didn't quite follow the instructions. This new project will be knock-out though. My problem is attitude. I think I was thinkng of the practicality of sewing instead of the artistry. So, this project, I'm going to take my sweet time, and let out my most creative, analytical self. It's about making a piece of art not an article of clothing. When it's done, there will be pictures because it will be pure artistic genius. :)
much thanks for reading. many many hugs and warm feelings.
*a little song from Vol.1, my favorite actually X), Enjoy. *


  1. When I was a kid, I did have a computer, 14 years old, and all my music was on tapes and I used to listen to every single song, I miss that.
    I really do.

  2. wow, I love that way of thinking, I haven't thought about that before, it really makes me think. David Bowie's Outside album and some of his others like Diamond Dogs definetly follow a progression and storyline, although I think a lot of modern music is just tracks thrown onto CDs to make money, but that's not the kind of music I'm into, anyway.

    With the zero budget I now have, I don't think I've bought a CD in the last few years, mostly just listen to stuff on YouTube and Rage, but now I'm wondering what I might be missing out on. I must look into this. Thanks for the though provoking article!


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