Sunday, September 11, 2011

The World Will Be Sewn Together, One Stitch at a Time.

My chronicles of seamstressness starts as of now. I finished sewing a wool green beret and a blue, long, sheer, skirt. The beret came out identifiable but not much else. The skirt, I can now laugh about. At first I really couldn't laugh because I was soooo disappointed. I worked for hours hand-sewing that skirt, inhaled toxic fumes trying to iron pleats into that skirt and for said skirt to be unwearable? Awful. But, now I'm over it and can laugh. The skirt was longer in the back than in the front and ruffled on the side. It had way too much ruffled space in the derriere section, like the skirts in the 1800s. Honestly, I really shouldn't have expected my first sewing projects to be wearable. I used YouTube tutorials, my school scissors, needles as pins, and a ruler instead of a tape measure. I tried to "re-invent the wheel".Today, I got fabric scissors, pins, a tape measure, patterns and a list of warehouses that sell non-toxic cloth for discount prices. So my next projects will be wonderful or at least better than my last one. People don't do something a certain way that takes time and money for years just because they can. A lesson learned is priceless.
To conclude: a song by Ximena SariƱana. I heard her live at a Sia concert I went to this summer. (best concert ever: every act was wondertastic: ) She opened and I was pestering my friends , "did you catch her name? Isn't this great?etc." I was already ecstatic to see Sia at the Wiltern ,which is my favorite venue. That concert is currently my "happy place". Anyways, this is my favorite song by Ximena. It gives me chills .She told the break-up story behind Mediocre before she sang it. You can really feel how she felt. I hope you like it. :)Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings. xoxoBriee


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  1. this is interesting to me, I was always crafty as a kid, but like a lot of people drifted away from it as I got older. Now I am getting back into DIY crafts and starting to try and learn how to sew and make my own clothes. Knowing that it is a process and I have to keep trying and following instructions properly and all that is very helpful! I wish you all the luck in your own efforts! Hopefully we will both have awesome handmade wardrobes one day!


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