Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All We Need Is Love, Love Is All We Need.

Today, I read an essay about the pros and cons of "judging a book by its cover".  The writer used Frankenstein by Mary Shelley as an example  of the cons of  "judging a book by its cover".  Frankenstein was a bloodthirsty monster because he was only allowed the role of a monster. Frankenstein looked ugly and terrible and everyone viewed him and treated him horribly. The writer conjectured that Frankenstein could have been a gentle giant if he was treated like one.
The point is that it is alarmingly simple to create a monster. *The essay reminded me of  a line in a Clark Gable movie " There's an old Chinese proverb that says if you want to keep a man honest, never call him a liar." Also in Les Miserables, Jean Valjean's transformation into a benevolent man would've never happened if a bishop hadn't treated him with dignity and respect, calling him "monsieur" with full knowledge of his reputation as a dangerous convict. While viewing all people as internally good in these times can seem delusional it really is the safest and healthiest thing to do.
For example: earlier this summer, I provided background music on the piano for a friend of my piano teacher. That week I had allot of other responsibilities as well, so I felt like just finding some old easy classical piano books and milking them for an hour or more. But, in my lesson the day before the event, my piano teacher said that she appreciated that I volunteered to play for her friend, and she knew that I'd do really well and help her friend's event turn out nice. Needless to say, I practiced really  hard that night and the morning before. I ended up playing my harder jazz and classical pieces that didn't require milking. Disappointing someone feels terrible, while living up to someone's expectations doesn't. We respond to trust and respect, even if we still do wrong the likelihood of remorse is higher when there was trust and respect granted to us.
To conclude a song by Tennis called Cape Dory. Their songs make me want to lie on the beach all day with an umbrella. :) Hope you enjoy. Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings.

*McGraw(-Hill's SAT 2012 Edition, pg.66)


  1. Today, I agree with you, love is all I need.

  2. This is a great article! I like the idea of treating everyone as if they are nice inside, not nasty. I try to be nice in public and help people out if they need it, and make people feel happy by complimenting them if they have a cool outfit. I like to make people feel happy.

    When I used to have pink hair or if I wear something weird and I got/ get compliments, it was great, because I knew/ know those people aren't judging me, they are looking to see the good person. I have been judged by people who couldn't see past what they wanted to see. Even my own parents in the past judged me and my friends because of the ideas they put on us without really knowing what was inside. It does just make you angry and close off from the world, not the other way. That's why I always want to remain open minded and not judge people!

    Thanks for sharing this sentiment, hopefully it will influence others to do the same!

    Sorry I wrote such a long comment :)


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