Friday, July 1, 2011

In Order to Be Irreplaceable One Must Always Be Different.

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 Each summer, I always seem to change a bit. I think I'm more into simplicity than I was before. I want to imitiate the looks of Audrey Hepburn, and Anna Karina; simple with alot of black.. I won't wear alot of black because I don't have alot of black. Most of my clothes have florals or designs. But, I'll go for a relatively simple look. Only one standout item at a time. Basically if it takes more than 5 seconds to put together, it won't be put together. I'm trying to think of what it was that, in a way, morphed my viewpoint. Maybe two things: 1) reading the Paris Vogue, to keep up on my French comprehension skills and 2) My College study strategies class. French fashion is so chic so effortless,  so oh la la.  Who wouldn't want to emote the easy breezy beautiful covergirl French look?
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  In my College Strategies Class so far we're learning about being open to new ideas. It's best to view ideas as tools. We wouldn't hesitate to switch a bad tool for a new one or to keep a collection of tools available for different scenarios.Likewise, we need to be flexible with ideas. Our ideas don't define us just as tools don't define a person. We are defined by our values. That made me think about my ideas about everything including fashion. One thing I thought about was how some of the most unique people in the world, don't necessarily look or dress unique. The craziest dressers for the most part aren't always so unique in real life. Also I saw a really insightful Coco Chanel quote,“In the difficult and wonderful battle of life, the simple woman emerges victorious, the sophisticated one defeated.” Plus, time is invaluable especially now. I think my style will be from now on will be summarized by the word, "Carefree". Speaking of carefree I love this video by Axel Red, called Naive. Its so lovely. I hope you enjoy it. Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings. :)


  1. really lovely post x


  2. I used to wear black all the time, but, for 3 years now, I'm into colors all the time :).


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