Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Happiest Girls Are The Prettiest Girls.

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"Oh, the things we do to make them like us when we like them". That's one of my favorite quotes from Becoming Jane. I could go on and on and on about how much I love that movie.Anyways, I was thinking about that because I'm reading  plays from England way-back-when and as a result am feeling very period-ic. It is very ironic that the women were the biggest fans of corsets and toxic make-up not the men. But,if you think about it, a lady that isn't grimacing of pain and or fainting is much more attractive than the lady who is. Still, the lady who wasn't in a corset or painted would have been dressed like a peasant and would probably feel out-of-place with the fashionables. So, they wouldn't go out without a corset or make-up(toxic as it was). Even today, some put themselves through  discomfort and trouble to be attractive. For example: scary heels, too tight clothing, and ( dramatic drumroll) breast augmentations and liposuction. The irony of it all is that the lady with the unaltered beautifully imperfect body in the comfortable outfit gets more attention from respectable people than the lady with alterations and clothing-induced discomfort. The lesson: Just be yourself. Whatever that is. The people who matter won't care and the people who care don't matter.
The music video below is by Emilie Simon. I love her music and have actually been listening to it alot. I love the thing in her hand, whatever it is, and of course, her hat/outfit. Enjoy.:)

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  1. Ah I always love your posts, they are very inspiring and thought provoking. I also believe in natural, imperfect beauty.


  2. God, this is a terrific post!Inspiring, it's very, very nice)))

  3. Thank-you for the comment my sweet, I love this post! All of yours are so inspiring and so are the pictures, what gorgeous girlies there are here xxx

  4. I love this! It is so true! Even if women do it for the men, they make the decision to wear the things that are uncomfortable, or don't make them feel happy. Women have to be proactive and take the power they have to be themselves and just love themselves! The right people will love us for who we are! I can always find something beautiful in anyone, as long as they have a nice attitude. A bitchy temper is the only thing that should get surgery!


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