Saturday, June 18, 2011

There's Something Eighties in My Head, and Something Sensible In My Mouth.

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One thing that I heard today that really struck a chord with me, was something like, "We need more good people than righteous people." It's good to not do bad things, but its even better to actually do good things. If we are "righteous", we benefit ourselves and maybe prevent a few others from suffering. When we take the time to help people (be good people) we feel good about ourselves, the people we help are a lot happier and we inspire others. When someone talks of their inspiration or role model they never say, " this person inspires me because they never did drugs, cursed, drank, etc...." They usually say, "this person inspired me because they were selfless, kind, reached out to me despite my attitude, etc..." Another example:when most people talk of their good friend they say, "so and so is a good person or good people", not, "so and so is righteous." (unless of course they're one of those old-school rad people. Lol ) Anyways, I thought it was interesting and something to think about. An original outfit post will be on EmmasPicnic very soon. Since, I got some very cute outfits put together ( uber cute boots coming in the mail) and Sunday to myself. Oh, to conclude: a funny video, that features a lovable, geeky, slightly creepy but hilarious Katy Perry, some of the cutest guys from Glee, Rebecca Black and other notables. Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings.

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  1. very interesting! i've never thought about it that way, thanks! loved the video too :)

  2. in Warsaw is a lot peacock in parks.


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