Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Funniest and Happiest Moments of the Day Will Appear Completely Randomly.

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As I was going through some of my favorite blogs, I got completely post-inspired. So, twelve things random facts about me, Brie, for today's post on Emma's Picnic..
1)Yes, I've eaten brie cheese; it was delicious but just alittle weird for me because of my name and all.
2)Reading classic literature, French, World/Medieval History and research papers about relevant topics, are the only  "homework" I don't find to be a pain in the butt.
3)If time travel was possible, I'd be a flapper.
4) I love bands with violins and cellos,  like Ra Ra Riot.
5) Colors, rainbows, drizzle, and other happy things are my favorites.
6)I drink three times my body weight of tea every day. (I love tea)
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7))Apparently, I put way too much butter on my toast, even considering that it's not real butter.
8)  I like mints, mint fragrance, mint colors, minty flavor, Mint Choclate.
9)My celebrity crush is Derek Blasberg
10)My favorite roses are the ones that smell almost fruity.
11)I don't like movies with perfect endings; I love movies with abrupt endings ..
12)Bikes, clocks, hot air balloons, and pearls are the only things I like as regards to jewelry. Actually, I like random jewelry , vintage-esque jewelry or jewelry with some sort of meaning/significance.
Finally,I love the funny video below with Goldie Hawn. It is so cool when people can laugh at themselves.
Post inspired by TheIllustrated Edge. Random comments are much appreciated. (Lots Of  Laughs.) New posts soon. Stay posted. Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings.
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  1. Your list is really cute, I like it a lot :).
    Life can take you by surprise in the most pleasant ways sometimes, I miss that.


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