Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why Does Pleasing You Have To Be So Hard For Me?

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  This semester has finally ended. Now I can finally buckle down on driver's ed. Or more like buckle up. Anyway, one thing that always confused me while I was at the college was the number of people who smoke, since, most of them are under 25. When talking to some of my smoking classmates, many said that they want to quit, or, are in the process of quitting. Quitting smoking is really hard because nicotine has a relaxing effect and weaning the brain off nicotine involves much physical, and emotional discomfort. Imagine dealing with nicotine withdrawal  while juggling college classes, a job, bills, and more. A lot of young adult smokers, (and smokers in general) feel trapped in their addiction.
      The saddest thing is that many started smoking as a result of peer pressure. Their friends were smoking, so they started smoking, or, they thought that smoking would make them  seem cooler to their peers. Some were social smokers. They thought they could  smoke every once in awhile with their friends, without, getting hooked. Everyone's start with cigarettes was different but peer pressure was a common thread. It's ironic that most don't even talk to   their high school friends. But, they still have an addiction that drains their wallet, and their health. From their stories, I've learned the uselessness of conforming, or trying to fit in or be cool. Everyone must listen to their own conscience and be true to themselves. The people who truly care about you, and will be with you throughout your life, won't pressure you to be anything else. Those who do pressure you don't care about you, and, probably won't be around long, anyways.
Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings.:) Until next time salut.


  1. I used to smoke when I was 16, for a year; it's been 10 years since then :).

  2. very inspiring post! have you read emerson? I think you'll like him :)
    ps, i mentioned you in my last post; hope its cool....


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