Friday, May 20, 2011

I Love The Way We Wordlessly Understand With Our Sparkling Eyes.

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 I loved my English class last year. It centered on English Literature; literature from England from the medieval times until the 19th century. Being the sentiment geek that I am, I fell in love with  Keats, Shelley, Lord Byron, and Robert Browning. At the library,yesterday, I finally found Robert Browning's book of poetry. Keats has been my favorite poet for about a year, partially because, of the movie Bright Star. But, I am now positive that Robert Browning is my favorite and I've only read four of his poems. Browning is a nineteenth century poet, so, that might explain the lack of thou, art, thee, and-est. Since his poetry is in modern English it's easy to understand and thereby visualize. His language is the perfect mixture of classic imagery and modern clarity. Out of the four my favorite was Fifine At The Fair. In  the poem, the poet is floating on his back in a bay, while above him a butterfly is floating in the air. He muses about peace, freedom, and life. 
This is hell, you don't ever gotta fight fear.Piccsy :: Girls in a milk-bar in England, 1954Piccsy :: Image Bookmarking :: Kiss under the umbrella.Please, dont strip my fucking mind.
   One of the best feelings a teenager can feel, I think, is to feel understood and to understand. I get that feeling when reading poetry like Robert Browning's and when listening to bands like The Morning Benders, Ra Ra Riot, She and Him, and Belle and Sebastian. That feeling also occurs when listening to music in another language. Emotions connect all humans to each other; emotions like love, despair, sadness, happiness. Seu Jorge's song Tive Razao is in Portugese; I don't know a word of Portugese, but, I do know that the song is about sadness and melancholy grief. To Conclude a Music Video by Emilie Simon called Desert. It's about a girl with a dry sad heart calling to her soulmate. I love the song but, I love even more the video. I adore the freckles on her nose and the blossoms that come out of her heart.
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Let me know whether you like the French videos or would rather videos in English or would like an assortment of videos in different languages. Much thanks for reading. Many warm feelings and hugs. :)
xoxo Briee


  1. I like the videos in french, but whatever language fits best! I love your blog! Keep it up!

  2. Thank-you for the comment my lovely, I love the pictures you post they are always so pretty! xxx

  3. I also adore Keats, mainly because of Bright Star, that was such a magnificent movie. I will be sure to check out Browning as soon as I have an opportunity to. Do you know of Carla Bruni, Francoise Hardi and Charlotte Gainsbourg?

  4. I'm going to go with Portugese, I love that language. I'm learning it by myself :).


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