Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Never Wanted To Be Your Model of Perfection.

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 Every Wednesday, I used to look forward to watching America's Next Top Model (which just finished cycle 16).  One thing I discovered from watching that show was how little "prettiness" is worth. Even in the fashion world, probably the most materialistic world there is, looks aren't everything. There are many tall girls with pretty faces, but the ones who become models must have something more than looks. They must have character, smarts, creativity, and inner strength in order to take good pictures,maintain good repor with photographers, and, take the loads of criticism and demands that come with the industry. Today, most top models aren't traditionally pretty, uniqueness is in vogue
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Another thing, I found interesting is that the model's main purpose is not to show what women look like, or , should look like. Their purpose is to sell clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, perfumes, etc. Models are tools of advertising. On America's Next Top Model, the girls who stay around are not the best-looking girls. The girls that stay around take pictures that can sell products. But, the definition of  the noun model is "One serving as an example to be imitated or compared",so, it only makes since that "models" are seen as the expectation of women. In French, a model is called "le mannequin", which, I think better describes their job than the word "model". I believe that if the fashion industry emphasized the fact that models are more walking mannequins, than "models",  people would have a more realistic view. Less girls would feel pressure  to look like models, and, the fashion industry would have less negative hype. Also, the message of fashion would be better appreciated. Fashion is about the unique, creativity, art, the world, and culture.
 One of my favorite models is Carla Bruni. She comes off as very sweet, down-to-earth, and modest. Bruni always seems at peace. Her music is the same: unassuming, sweet and peaceful. My favorite of her songs, is Quelqu' unn m'a dit. Which means someone said to me.(Lyrics in French and English Here)Enjoy its such a cute sweet video. :)

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