Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Stars Dream, Love, and, Are Happily Pixelated.

   Today I met a nymph IV by ~c0-0kies on deviantARTFashion photography and vintage cameras | douleur exquise.silence is wild.
Since, this semester is ending, summer semester is starting and the summer season is starting, I have been thinking about my direction. I'm at a point now where I don't want to waste any time in a class or in a job that would be "off my route". As a  junior, the job/direction conversation comes up often. I know everyone's situation is different and the economy is bad, but, one thing I've noticed is that many people pick a job because it is steady, pays a lot, or has great benefits, instead of, for a reason like passion. . One thing we must all remember is that in this economy, no industry has immunity. Also, many different professions keep our world running. While, we need doctors, surgeons, lawyers, dentists, caretakers, and engineers; who is going to entertain them, inform them with the news, ways of the world, clothe them, design their homes, teach their children? Even though the job market is tough there's still room for dreamers. The happiest people aren't the richest people or the people with the most benefits; they're the people involved in work they're passionate about.
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  Speaking of passions, I adore French like crazy. Sometimes, I don't flaunt my love of French, because it sounds so cliche, but, I love what I love. To keep the "french in my blood" there'll be a journal entry in French with a translation, on a separate page of Emmaspicnic, starting tomorrow. Feel more than free to read it, since it won't have anything too personal. I personally hate to read a diary, and I know you do too. *wink wink*. Anywhoos, to conclude, a French Fashion Film called Rencontrer, which means "to meet again" in the context of this video. I love the female model's look : the textured red hair, the petite but the angular features, and her chic velvet outfits.  I hope you enjoy the film.:)

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Much thanks for reading. Many many warm feelings, and hugs.


  1. Lovely post!

  2. You are so right! We do need dreamers! Thank you for this amazing post :) xx

  3. J'adore le francais aussi, je ne peux pas attendre de lire votre poste denain. Merci pour un blog fantastique. Vos postes sont tres interesents. :) xoxox

  4. We need dreams so much, we really do.


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