Monday, May 16, 2011

It's A Small World, After All. A World of Variety, Wonder and Beauty.

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   I always get loads of post-inspiration in my French Class. This semester is soon ending, which, for me right now is very bittersweet. I love writing, just the whole process of it. Getting inspired, doing research, first draft, second drafts, revision, presentation, the works. But, I hate grammar. It never ever made sense to me. Grammar  seemed to stand in my way. In French, I learned a lot about English grammar. For some reason, it just finally clicked. Also, in learning French, I learned how to "work the English language". It's hard to explain without boring with a bunch of french words and sentence structures, but, I've found it a lot easier to express myself and "my voice" using French structure with English words. Languages, as well, have a ton of culture mixed in them. Just learning the French language, opened my eyes to a different perspective. And to add to that, my teacher spends just as much time teaching us the ways of the French and Parisians, as she does teaching us the language. In the end, my outlook on people and the world broadened widely.
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Two of the main things I've learned is this. 1)Humans are humans, and they're essentially the same no matter if they're: American, European, Any color of the rainbow, man, or woman. The only differences in people are their socialization. But the core is the same. 2) You only have one body. It's the only thing that you can't lose. You are born with it; you'll die with it. So it must be taken care of , and, nurtured to it's full capability.  Live to be truly happy by taking care of yourself, and the ones you love, physically, intellectually, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.Language also opens the door to travel. If you know the language of a country, you can really benefit from the experience. If you do not know the language, you can't really experience the country, at best, you can experience it's tourism industry. Travel is very important. As Thomas Fuller puts it, " He that travels much knows much."
To conclude, a Fashion Short Film. I love the foreignness, and vintage-ness of the film. I adore how the lady's lipstick matches the inside of her mouth and how her hair fades into the pink flower petals. Hope you enjoy.:)

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