Saturday, May 14, 2011

We're All Hipsters, Secretly. We're Insighted, Holden Caufield Hipsters.

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Now that it is getting close to Summer, (Yay!!)Ive been debating whether or not to get a summer job this year. If I were to get a summer job, my dream would be to work at American Apparel or Urban Outfitter's. I love their fashion. It would be such a stylishly-inspiring experience. Speaking of those shops, I have been thinking about hipsters, pretension and indie. There are alot of stereotypes about hipsters/"indie kids". Sometimes I secretly dread the "what kind of music do you like?" question because it could lead to a wonderful musical conversation or a complete and total dead-end. When someone asks me what bands  I like, Ill tell them my favorites,"The Morning Benders, Ra Ra Riot, Camera Obscura,Kitten,Dirty Gold,Young The Giant,etc." If they're into indie, they'll be like "oh cool" and start to rattle off the bands they like. If they aren't , they'll say, "Oh" or, they won't even respond verbally and will thereby awkwardly end the conversation . I guess it is because of the stereotype, that if someone likes indie, they're automatically an obnoxious, hipster, or, worse yet, pretentious. Which, is  a weak stereotype. There are plenty of obnoxious, pretentious people who don't even know what indie is. And, there are plenty of down-to -earth people who happen to like indie.
One time I met someone who really understood that. He asked me "the music" question after, we started talking about Itunes. I told him what I liked, he told me what he liked; which was country. We had a very nice conversation about all things music and radio, even though, our tastes were extremely different. But, nonjudgmental people like that are sometimes an exception not a rule. Still, all the blame shouldn't go to "the other side". I like Katy Perry, Far East Movement, Janelle Monae, and the Ting Tings. Those artists aren't my favorites, but, sometimes,  when exercising, I like to listen to them. When someone asks me "the question", maybe I'll say,"The Morning Benders Janelle Monae, Ra Ra Riot, The Ting Tings,etc." This way I would be making a conscious effort to keep the conversation going.
 The Lesson: Don't judge someone by their cover, which includes their music genre tastes. Embrace and announce your own tastes because differences are what make conversations interesting. But at the same time, little compromises are sometimes necessary to stop an interesting conversation from awkwardly ending.
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To conclude, a totally hipster band, Young The Giant. Just kidding. Actually, they might be slightly hipster, and  definitely indie, but, they are awesome. I love the lead's voice; its so clear and beautiful. I adore how he closes his eyes when he sings. I do that too, (but I don't sing half as well as he does) because you can feel the song more.XP
Much thanks for reading. Many many hugs and warm feelings.
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  1. AHHHH I LOVE THIS POST! first of all, the pics, esp the first four, are awesome. secondly, I have that same problem! my friends will call me a hipster because i like indie, but in reality i just like the fact that the music MEANS something, its not about clubs and hooking up (most of the time). when you mentioned holden caulfield it made me so happy too :)

  2. Awwww I like the cat with the glasses
    and the two little snowmen :)
    You have such a cute blog!

  3. AMAZING POST! it is so true as well :) I love Young the Giant sooo much! they are awesome <3

  4. I am proud to be a hipster :)).

  5. I gotta say your post is really inspiring but your blog is even more inspiring!!!! I like indie music because it's different than just other music, it's not that fast it's more about life or whatever it is I just like it but I also love Rock'n Roll so… everyone has more than just ones side


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