Friday, May 13, 2011

"How Does It Feel To Be One of the Beautiful People..."

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This post is about thankfulness and thereby happinesss.. I was thinking about thankfulness because of my wondertastic French teacher. She is always smiling, laughing, or enthused about something. When, she told the class her life story, I was surprised. There were many  lovely parts of her story, ( she lived in Paris,France, and had an amazing family) but, there was some sad parts. She didn't dwell on the sad parts; but, even in them, she found something to be thankful for. She is always thanking someone, something, or someplace for this or that.  That is part of the reason why she is so infectiously cheerful . Her thankfulness is a version of seeing the silver lining of the cloud.
    From her I've learned: In life, evil never gets a complete win. Good always gets in a few points. If we can see the points good scored in any situation and be thankful for them, we can find serenity and cheer in even the worst of times .
 UntitledFrance | Flickr - Photo Sharing!le chat du café des artistes.Oh girl, the stories they could tell.
  Speaking of thankfulness and principles, I have decided on my personal act of appreciation for my  bombtastic 21. I am going to post at least four posts a week, every week for them and for  all. If I don't, I promise it will be for a reason much better than homework. Much thanks for reading. Many many warm feelings and hugs.
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  1. whatta beautiful post :) i loved your idea, good luck!

  2. Thanks Brie! :) I love this post. I know exactly what you mean. There are just some people out there who are.. just good people with good virtues or a good attitude to life. I am always learning from people like that:)
    Also if you haven't already, I would love for you to enter my Dior giveaway because it helps me win a huge blogging competition :) Even if you dont want to enter, your vote will be much appreciated! Thanks dear :) xx

  3. Can't wait to read more posts from you sweetie.

  4. Aww you're teacher sounds amazing and what you said about focusing on the positive things in life to get you through the hard ones is so true. I need to do that more often!

    And thankyou for your lovely comment, I also find your blog super inspiring. xx

  5. Your blog is wonderful, I love it))

  6. wonderful :D i love the blog!!
    follow each other?!?


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