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Winnie- ther- Pooh May Have Been a Bear of Very Little Brain, But He Knew What He Was Talking About

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Today I was thinking about many things including something someone said to me on the lines of pschology, yesterday. . What makes true self-esteem? He was saying that  true self-esteem is gained through achievements, kindness, strong values, general good works, and a good condition of the heart and intentions, not by looks, haves, position, or what you haven't done,or, who you are. That I completely agree with.Then, he said that girls are the worse with that. That alot of girls base their  self esteem on looks, haves, position and what they haven't done, or what they are, and, because that's a shaky false sense of esteem, many girls feel that they have to bring others down who might possibly have some real reason for self-esteem. I agreed with that too, but I don't believe that the blame for that trend is solely on the shoulders of the girls who act that way. Alot of the blame should land on mainstream media and (sorry to say it )guys.
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      Many girls get attention and respect confused, for good reason. For example, in the media  women who get the most coverage  are the ones with their lady parts hanging out,who are trash-talking someone else or in any way acting "naughty".  The women in the industry who actually have a creditable talent, who actually have a life, or who have character or in any way have things going for them, are rarely covered or featured. Also, the musicians who are the most famous or wealthy usually have mediocre talent but high "sex appeal".  The icing on the cake, is that many guys(esp. the twenty and under set) value or even rate girls for the qualities that build a false sense of self esteem( aka, first looks. then, haves, position, what they haven't done or what they are, etc. etc.). So a girl just looking at the surface would rightly conclude that basically looks,and image are the most important thing and are the key to attention,er, respect,( you see its confusing) (O.o)
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 I'm not saying that there needs to be some radical change in society or that the mainstream media, and, the male under and around twenty set are the evil behind all female ills. What I am saying in conclusion is 2 things. First, "mean girls" are not all evil they are usually confused and vulnerable, in essence they are imperfect people like us all. So when there is a bullying problem, bullies need not just stern punishment but compassionate guidance, help and  a true friend to help them work through their problems. Second, girls with self-esteem problems are not stupid,or weak. They are actually somewhat smart since they recognize a pattern in society and in a way are trying to make it work for them  come to terms with it. The problem is that, that course isn't wise and its destructive to self-esteem, and the emotions in general. A conclusion to the conclusion, I personally believe that we should all read and live by the Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie ther Pooh by A.A. Milne.:)

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Last thing a very  cheery music video by The Pipettes.Much thanks for reading. Many many hugs and warm feelings.


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