Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yes Vampire Weekend are Sellouts, But Theyre Super Talented, Haute Sell-outs. And Im Luvv Them...

Heard that song before? Let me jog your civic  christmasy winter commercial..uhuh.. Its funny because when I saw that commercial, I immediately recognized the VW sound. And I was disappointed. "What sellouts", I thought..But you know what, I still am obsessed with Vampire Weekend, and I bought that song. Its really catchy and just a fun song. and I love how quirky the music video is.   Even though it is really bomb when I find a band thats super good and obscure , I dont believe in "dumping" a band just because they got famous. What really matters is whether they stay true to their sound and style. If they can do that despite their popularity, more power to them. Hey, when they get big they start paying paychecks and thats a couple more people with a job, and a little boost for the economy. The economy needs every boost it can get. What do you think? Let me know..below is a very convient comment box..(wink, wink ;) )

Many happy Fridays..Have a Vampire Weekend..


  1. Love it!! I do enjoy Vampire Weekend as well!

  2. ahhhhh loveeee vampire weekend! they bring instant summer to the cold winter days....

  3. thank-you for the comment, i love your background..
    and i love vampire weekend. I know i love that about her photography, and especially that picture. Aw thank-you so so much :)


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