Friday, February 4, 2011

Im a Femme of My Word, A Well meaning, Opinionated Femme.

 Left top:  Blue Crushed Velvet Skirt from modcloth, brown cardigan H&M, White pin dot shirt with Peter Pan collar from Urban Outfitters, clip on bow tie from 4th street vintage shop( forgot the name, sorry)
 Right Top: floral cropped top from Azure, high waisted Alice Springs short from modcloth, Navy blue tights from Macy's. The Key to the Mona Lisa Necklace from a combination of Forever 21, Micheals Art Supplies, and Brie's Jewelry Box ( stay posted I might be selling duplicates..;) )
Left bottom: Red Leather jacket: I think Zac Posen for Target, but it was a gift from a very sweet aunt, so I dont know for sure. Black floral lace top from Target, The Key to The Mona Lisa Necklace, and cream, high waist skirt from Blu Button.
Right Bottom: fuschia coat from Forever 21, Bow Tie from unanymous vintage shop, Floral vintage style colared dress from Forever 21

Nooo, Emmaspicnic is not now a Fashion Blog..Just, t was a nice day outside,and I happened enjoying it with a photographer who was taking pictures of random things.At the time  I also was thinking of some outfit ideas for some get-togethers coming up.So a brilliant idea popped in my head..."I should take pictures of my outfit ideas,yeah Its alittle off what I normally do for posts  but Emmaspicnic is meant to be a very eclectic blog..(i said i would in a post anyways) So I got out all my clothes,I bribed the photographer and we  had our own minature photshoot.. The photographer was "alittle" hyper, so i didn't do very many outfits, but it was funn..

While doing the "photoshoot" I was thinking about that fashionale vs. Stylish post( my first for Emmaspicnic.)and the new Teen Vogue  I got through the mail. Its funny but sometimes on the cover of TV itll say something like "stylish clothes for every budget", and I look inside and what they call low budget, is for me, a crazy high budget. " Noo, im not going to spend a month and a half's allowance on a cardigan when theres concert tickets to be bought". You know what I mean???..I get compliments on my outfits  all the time, esp. at school, and no piece of clothing I wear is over 35 dollars. Actually most of my clothes are well under 35, jeans  skirts, and dresses,jackets and sweaters are the only things im willing to spend anywhere close to forty dollars on, and even then it has to be uuber cutee. Its not that hard either to find cheap, good quality stuff. Always shop winter and summer sales. Summer sales are the best since all the lacey, floral,velvety, satin, tulle stuff is supposedly"off season" You can get ridik deals if you are into lace,velvet,satin, and tulle like I am.Internet shops also have lovely sales and low shipping during the Winter time. As I said in the F vs. S post, you can save loads of money, and confusion if you have a clearly defined style .

  For three or four days, Im doing a very strict technology diet. Theres a huge pile of books that  I have been meaning to read for the longest time, theres is also a very neglected piano,bike , foreign/vintage films that want watching and etc..... So until Tuesday or soo,,Salut, ma amies..(if any of you guys take french, I know the grammar in that "sentence" wasn't correct, but whatev you get the idea.. =) many hugs and warm feelings)

by Tuesday I promise some, I think, pretty interesting posts, so stay posted.


  1. Cute outfits! Thankyou for your comment, following you now!

  2. Your blog is lovely :)
    I love picnic's too! We used to have picnic's on the carpet when we were little!
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  3. Those are gorgeous. I also love picnics :) I commend you for doing the technology diet, lol! I've been reading a lot (books) lately, but only because I have to for school!

    Love that crushed velvet skirt!

  4. Great blog!! And tanks for dropping by and following.. :)) follow you now..

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