Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Love Song and Inspiration of a Winter Femme

Last post was on my musician crushes. I wanted to include the guys of Ra Ra Riot, but its a boy and girl band and I didn't want to split the talented members of the band up like that. My favorite song by them (or period) is Can You Tell. It is the sweetest love song there ever was. Can you tell describes the feeling of caring for someone, but wondering if the feeling is requited and all the stress that causes. Its sweet and honest but not fluffy and unrealistic, The music video itself is very lovely and just a work of art.

That being said, my modern day celebrity inspirations. Part 1, actresses. First and foremost, Anne Hathaway. I'm very excited that she is going to be hosting the Oscars with James Franco. Definitely won't be missing that., I adore Anne Hathaway because 1) she stars in a few of my fave movies2) she is such a classy lady and 3) she is super talented and smart. I saw her on Saturday Night Live in November. She did a couple of skits and she was amazing. Hathaway had her lines down pat and she was absolutely hilarious. Anne Hathaway is one of my favorites also because she was a english major and women's studies minor in college, which is pretty close to what I want to major in in college.

Natalie Portman is also an inspiring celebrity persona. She is an amazing actress and also quite life smart. Even though she had a career as an actress, Natalie Portman went to Harvard University and received a degree in psychology. She made quite a memorable quote to the New York Post about her education," I don't care if college ruins my career. I rather be smart than a movie star." Natalie Portman did work in psychology and  is a social and environmental activist today.

Emma Watson captures the essence of the concept of the modern lady. She is a very talented actress, and a Brown University student .Emma Watson is also a respected member of the fashion sphere as well. Emma Watson proves that one can be smart,respectable,beautiful,slightly edgy, talented,young, and in Hollywood, successfully.

Last but definitely not least, Keira Knightley. She also stars in many of my favorite movies and a very classy lady. Keira knightley works very hard and for it was awarded a successful career. Keira Knightley is another focused actress who stays out of the tabloids and doesn't seek or instigate negative attention.

In conclusion, thanks for reading. Have a wonderful weekend. Many hugs and warm feelings--xxBriee 

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