Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Most Wonderful Things are Euphoria and Fizzy Soda and the Things That Go With Them.

 Sadly, truly the last of the "my fave celebs" saga. It is ending with my favorite celebrity persona inspirations(that I haven't already mentioned) who are musicians. First, Norah Jones. The first concert I ever attended was The Fall tour of Norah Jones and Corrine Bailey Rae. It was a wonderful concert. It was scenic( Griffith Park),relaxed, and deliciously simple. Sometimes its really refreshing to see a performance where the musicians don't have a jillion backup dancers, costume changes, fireworks ,dance routines , props and what not. I had a wonderful time and her show helped me appreciate the wonder of live music.  . Norah Jones is an artist that anyone can relate to, being that she is very sweet and so down-to-earth. My favorite Norah Jones songs are Don't Know Why, Cold Cold Heart, Sinking Soon, Broken, Stuck, Not My Friend, Man of the Hour and Chasing Pirates.

Corrine Bailey Rae's music is so beautiful, true, and lifts the spirits. Put Your Records On is "my song". Her story is motivational to me. Her husband died of a supposed intentional drug overdose, which is unimaginably painful to go through. Even though she had good excuse to, she didn't dwell on it and lose herself in despair. No, she picked herself up , released a brilliant album(The Sea) went on tours ,and kept herself busy and optimistic.

Whenever I go for a bike ride on the beach(or anywhere for that matter) I always listen to Best Coast. Her,their ,songs are low-key but upbeat and literally express what I'm(and many teen girls are) going through. For example, Boyfriend, When I'm With You,Happy, and I Want To. Personally, I love her laid-back, sweet but edgy vibe and floral,feminine,but not fluffy girly style.

She and Him reminds me of sunny days on a remote beach with my favorite people in the world. Their songs are heartfelt, and deep, but fizzy enough to be easy listening. Zooey Deschanel's style is quite lovely chic. I absolutely adore her floral dresses and how she pairs them with nylons like I do. As if she isn't enviable enough, she is also a wonderful actress.

Last but for sure not least, Sia. Its a real shame that she stays mostly in Australia. Sia is beyond talented, some of her songs even give me chills,(Soon We'll be Found, Breathe Me, I'm in Here, Cloud). If she doesn't come to the US soon, I think I would get a part-time job just to travel to Australia to see her perform. It would be worth every penny. What I like most about Sia ,other than her talent, of course, is her chill I-am-me quirky vibe.

Who are your favorite musicians and bands? I really enjoy learning about people's favorite band and hearing different points of views (theres a very convenient comment box and email link in my profile,*wink wink*)Lol. Anywaays, thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely week. Many many warm feelings :)

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