Friday, February 25, 2011

In Love With The Earth, Discontented With The World, Happy Nonetheless

So, my five musician crushes. This post was slightly harder to do than the last one. There's soo many musicians that I have crushes on. Musicians period are just irresistible. To narrow it down to five(nobody has all day) took some thought,time,and regrets. All said, here are the five who made the cut.

   First Ereland and Erik from Kings of Convenience. In a short sentence, I love them. Their music is absolutely beautiful. Kings of Convenience's songs are soo relaxing and easy but deep at the same time.Every time I listen to one of their songs or one of their lovely scenic videos, I smile. Its impossible not to. The music is raw, earthy and unpretentious. Kings of Convenience are what indie is all about. My favorite Kings of Convenience's songs are "I Rather Dance With You.","Failure","Misread","Toxic Girl","Boat Behind", and "Cayman Islands". Below is the video, Boat Behind,(which I adore*luvv the fairy girl*) and a link to I Rather Dance With You. The video for I Rather Dance With You, is just a gorgeous smile chuckle producer.  I Rather Dance With You

Johnny Flynn's music is what first got me into folk music. I actually "discovered" Johnny Flynn through my library's cd collection.(The  people who give away musical treasures like that to a library, are the best people in the world.) Anyways, his music is genius.His songs are genius pieces of poetry set to guitar. Tickle me Pink, The Wrote and the Writ, and The Box, are just musical, poetical gold. Especially ,The Box, since its inspired by the life and works of Henry David Thoreau and his book Walden. And his whole persona embodies, the complex and deep souled poet/musician.
link to his music video Tickle Me Pink--

The Burning Hotels are my favorite boy band of all time. The music is slightly trance-inducing, which I kindof like. Their lyrics and videos are real and unpretentious. I first heard of them in the movie Bandslam. They were competing in the "bandslam" with the "good guy" characters, and I actually really liked their music. So I looked them up, fell in love and now I listen to them all the time. Especially, their music video Allison. It reminds me of a guess jeans ad gone punk. (link below)

Last but certainly not least, Dion DiMucci. I am cuckoo about Dion & the Belmonts. My favorite Dion songs are Runaround Sue and The Wanderer. His songs are really sensitive but upbeat at the same time, which makes it wonderful listening.

(Kings of Convenience count as two crushes :))
The next  post will be about a song that is my absolute favorite(still in works?) After that or before will be my celebrity persona inspirations( actresses and musicians). I cant wait to post them. Anyways, thanks for reading, many hugs and warm feelings. :)

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  1. Musician crushes are the best because not only are they cute, they're musical to! Heheh


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