Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Im a Girl of My Word, a Ridiculous, Grounded Girl

   So, I "gave my word" that I would state my celebrity crushes(today actors). First and foremost,a disclaimer, when I say I have a crush on someone(esp. a celebrity), it means nothing other than I think that the person is interesting or has inspiring qualities.To explain in a sentence, I have to have a crush on someone to like them, and, I don't ever like someone I don't have a crush on, but, I might not like someone I have a crush on (at least not like that). That being said, here are my top four celebrity actor crushes.

. First, James McAvoy. James McAvoy . Becoming Jane is one of my favorite movies and a movie that he co-stars in as the worldly but charming Tom LeFroy. Ive checked out some of his other work, and he is quite talented, granted he graduated from The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama(I'm jealous) . Jame McAvoy  has lots of personality, and charisma, at least in interviews and such.I personally think he is suuper duper because you like never hear a peep about him in tabloids, gossip sites, nada.

  2nd Rupert Friend. Who stars in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, as the sinister but charismatic Mr. Wickham. Rupert Friend is also in the movie Young Victoria(luvv that film), as the devoted,patient and intelligent Prince Albert. I'm quite inspired by his story. When he started attending the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, he was what we might call a "late starter". Most of the other students had grown up singing and dancing while he hadn't. Even so, he became very successful. That motivates me, since I'm kind-of in that scenario when it comes to ballet.

Third Ben Whishaw. I might of mentioned in my last post, since he plays the ever sentimental John Keats. Ben Whishaw is a marvelous actor who picks very enchanting roles. Last night I was going through interviews on YouTube, and in one he said that he likes art that depicts dark sentimental feelings. Like that, he made the list since I happen to appreciate dark sentimental art as well. He's not like a downer personality(quite the opposite), but he likes downer art .Some people don't really get that, but he does and I do, so yes Ben Whishaw is definitely my celebrity crush.

Last but definitely not least, Tony Curtis. Even though, he is no longer alive he is definitely one of the top 4. Tony Curtis stared in two of(in my opinion) funniest vintage films. Some Like It Hot and Operation Petticoat. He was funny, charismatic, and a  humanitarian who saved horses from slaughterhouses. Doesn't your heart just melt?

While I'm being sentimental, IL mention that on my profile I added my wishlist. Its from my absolute favorite shop modcloth. If you want to know a general idea of my style taste, its in the wishlist. If you happen to want to buy me a present,wishlist again.*wink wink, just kidding :) *. Anywhoos, lots of thanks for reading...
Many many hugs and warm feelings
P.S. next post celebrity crushes(musicians)


  1. I think Ben Whishaw is amazing too! And I love Tony in Some Like It Hot! Very good choices :)

  2. mmm yummy:) haha jk very good choices! what a great idea for a post too, i might have to steal it if ya don't mind :p


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