Friday, February 11, 2011

Im Not Trivial. Im Random and Good-Natured

Today I thought I would talk about a band that I quite love called The Good Natured. Her(their?) sound is what I call beautiful electronic pop depression...Umm,hmm, I don't think I can describe music very understandably. So here's what other more articulate people have said,"This Home Counties girl is a techno Dido, a Lily Allen who's given in to depression, or a Kate Nash who wants to prove herself with serious clubbers."( and  Or my favorite description,"she is La Roux's pissed off little sister and I mean that in the best possible way." (a commenter on one of her YouTube videos, couldn't find it again sorry). All said she is a very talented lady with a blog on blogspot (Yayy!!!)  She is even more suuuper because she, Sarah McIntosh, has to die for style taste.

Now that I look closely, we have a slightly similar taste in clothes..Just that mine might be slightly more subdued because I'm not a performer and some of those cool ,modern, vintage, clothes cant be found near where I live without expensive shipping fees. Anyways listening to the first song I ever heard by her, Be My Animal, makes me want to give my favorite animal some spotlight. That animal happens to  be the wolf.   Its  quite unfair but, wolves have the reputation as the one of the most vicious natural predators, when they rarely ever attack humans,(domesticated chickens and turkeys they attack not humans,mostly). The funniest thing is that. in many ways wolves are quite civilized. The wolf pack is organized in a strict hierarchy.The alpha couple takes the lead in the hunt , marking of their territory, and  populating the pack . The alpha male especially, has the responsibility to make sure the whole pack is fed,safe, and provided with a trained  leader in the occasion of his death. The rest of the pack have jobs too.  All the members of the pack take care of each other. When a member of the pack dies, no matter what their station, they howl and mope about in the same spot for a couple of days, in their own grieving ritual. In conclusion, wolves are quite amazing, loving animals .The real most vicious natural predators are chimpanzees(another post a different day) .

   Alittle bit of might-come-in-handy-one-day info: Wolves at times take care of displaced people, especially children..If you are ever in a forest and come across a wolf pack, remember: get on your knees, crouch, crawl slowly towards them, whimper, don't look them in the eye, try to feel as sad and hopeless as you can, so they'll sense it. then if you can nip the under chin of the alpha male( a sign of respect)..Make sure its the alpha or your in  trouble. If you're fortunate, they ll take you in and feed you, if you re not, they ll leave you alone. 

Last thing, Im totally inspired by Sarah McIntosh's hair. My hair is about her length and is black like hers. I think I'm going to rock her bob. I was afraid of it before, since I didn't want to hear any Justin Bieber references regarding my hair..Sarah McIntosh makes it look soo cute though,  and it would be easy for me to do(all I need is a  comb and some hairspray) and it would provide the new growing out my hair look Ive been craving.. Win Winn win . Fun mirror times ahead..:)


This weekend, There is a very special event that I will be attending. It will be taking all my attention for this weekend, so there won't be any new posts. Monday Il be quite loaded with homework so no posts then either. By Tuesday or sooo there will be new posts. I'm very sorry, considering last weekend was post bare too.It won't happen too often hopefuly..Anyways you guys  are lovely for reading my random musings..I hope with my whole heart that you have a bonne weekend..
(followers: awesome posts by the way, I truly love reading all of  them.XD  --Brieee)

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  1. thank-you for the comment my lovely, ooh yeah i've heard of that, sounds awesome i might try it out, i'm guessing it's also cheaper then perfume too? thank-you for the idea <33


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