Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There Is No Shame in Changing One's Mind As Long As There Is A Good Reason Why.

Im totally hyped on CSS.Its a new wave six member band.CSS stands for Cansei de Ser Sexy. That is Portugese for Tired of Being Sexy.(vibin that title) Their song Move reminds me of my early days, raised on motown, and the sixties. Although the song Move is my  absoulute favorite, I like all their stuff. Their other songs (like Left Behind) sounds like the infusion of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Ting Tings. Its really "feel-good, happy but not fluffy music.


After watching the music video, I want to do that photography trick with my friends..Don't you? The Fashion in that video was aamazing..Truly unique mix of the sixties,seventies,eighties,. (loved the handlebar mustache with the red reflective glasses   XD)  Anyways,thats a hard mix to do. Lovefoxx(vocals) hair/makeup was also suuper chic. 1. the pompadour 2. the pixie-ish feel of the whole cut 3. The light solid eyebrows 4. The way her hair color stood out due to the lighter eyebrows 5. the pink lipstick..10 points for originality, style, and beauty( reference from previous chart of true beauty post.) All things added up, this music video is on my list of favorites, and is soon to be on my ipod.....( last thing:Notice Lovefoxx's vibe: modern, retro,bubbly but not frivoulous..my new  persona inspiration--will be a post on that-----)

On that musical note. I have re-considered my stance on Justin Bieber. When he first started out, I was pretty much indifferent. When that song Baby came out, I couldn't stand the  annoying kid. But,this weekend I saw his Never Say Never documentary movie. I never wouldve believed I'd say this,let alone blog this, but, Justin Bieber has talent. The movie showed videos of him at like 4 (or under) beating a drum senseless. It was amazing especially since he's never had lessons. He really could sing too. Still, I do believe that he sold himself cheap. He could've have done some real quality music. But, he would've been alot less famous . In the movie he said his goal was to sell out Madison Square Garden, and his lesser quality, popish tween hipster music did just that. All said, I'm no longer a Justin Bieber hater. I can see why someone would be crazy about him. I also  can see why he has the Im-soo-great-attitude, I always sense in his interviews. 1) Even though he sings well, he doesnt do public speaking very good 2)he actualy is really great in his own way.. People said the movie would make a unbelieber a belieber. Id say it make a unbelieber a person who has a measure of respect for the Bieb.

Last highlight of this weekend, was the Grammys. It was reaally reaaly long. (Maybe its always been that way but I never noticed it before). My favorite part was the Cee Lo Green muppet performance with Gwyneth Paltrow.(the peacock elton john look,gwyneth paltrow's beautiful performance, the muppets, the muppets, i loved, still do love, seasame street.lol luvvvd itt all)..My second favorite moment was the glorification of Arcade Fire..They were really good and quite enthused about music, which I heart. Im not a huge fan yet, but I have the highest respect for them.(  btw I personally think their performances on  Snl was better)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCYeoWkhpMc



Anyways thank you for reading. I Love to hear from you guys. :)


  1. thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog :) i loveee arcade fire! what a great post :)

    Tats x

  2. I actually really like that song, I've never listened to it before! I'm going to see Arcade Fire in the summer, I'm half excited about it...

  3. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i love your name it's pretty
    i love them too, i wish i lived in the forest to it's so pretty and you'd see so many cute animals! <3


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