Monday, February 21, 2011

Bright Star, If I Was Steadfast As Thou Art

The movie I looovvve and Ive watched hundreds of times is "Bright Star". I adore that movie, where do I begin? I won't do a synopsis of the movie or an overview of the best scenes of the movie, since, the trailer(below) does a excellent job of that  and I won't presume to hold a candle to it.

Anyways, I love romantic movies books and songs. But, I don't particularly like happy  fluffy romance (talking just art here, ? ). The romance must be stirring,complicated, inspiring and most of all, realistic. The story of Fanny and John Keats in Bright Star is just that. Its intense, pure and inspirational. Also,the scenery in Bright Star is lush and dreamy, making the movie just a work of  art.

Even though during his short life he wasn't recognized as a notable poet, John Keats poetry is quite beautiful. . Its simple enough to be understood but complex enough to be  emotionally moving.  My favorite John Keats poems are: " Woman When I Behold Thee Flippant and Vain" , " Give me Wine Women and Snuff"," Oh Peace", "Fill for Me A Brimming Bowl" and of course his poem "Bright Star". John Keats poetry got my poetic feet wet, and now I(a former novel girl) mostly read poetry. Recently, I  wrote some myself in the unformed Brie style and Im contemplating  adding a seperate page of my poems on Emmaspicnic in the near future.
Im alittle pressed for time at this moment, so regretfully,I won't be going into my celebrity crushes in this post . This blogging week, I will,though,  go into my celebrity crushes in two parts, actors and then musicians. After that, modern celebrity persona inspirations in two parts: actresses and then musicians.
Anywhoos, thanks for reading. Many many hugs and warm feelings.

x Briee

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  1. I love that movie! I read mostly poetry also. :)
    I think you should defenitly add some of your poetry to the mix. x


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