Friday, February 18, 2011

I Will Save My Giving For The Living, And I'll Let The Dry Bones Rest.

As some of you already know, I heart Erik Hassle, especially,  his song Don’t Bring Flowers After I’m Dead. The beat, lyrics, the quirky video, I just luvvv it.We all should think about the lyrics of this song when it comes to how we treat the people we care about..

          That being said,  after my little walk through YouTube, I felt like my mind was played with and  I was slightly offended. Here’s why..(1).  As previously mentioned in Emmaspicnic, there is an uncanny resemblance between La Roux and Erik Hassle(especially  since they are not related).And it isn’t just a physical resemblance. Its something more. They’re both singers. They both have a great sense of rhythm and beat. They both sing about relationships and heartbreak. They both keep that youthful feel in their music. They both style their hair into a big coif in the middle with short sides. They both jut out their chin when singing a long note or when putting emphasis on a note.They both display that persona of “I’m super talented, focused and deep souled that I’m untouchable, without being stuck-up”. And for Pete’s Sake, they both did that one ear ringed ear thing in their recent music videos...on the right ear too. Maybe that's just me, but I think that is plain  mean, to toy with our(my) mind(s )like that.


(2) I feel like I'm digging up dead men's bones since this was news  a few months ago, but anyways, La Roux did two music videos for her song “In for the Kill”, a UK version and an American Version. The UK version is really cool. The video is her driving in her car, singing that she’s going for a kill, and to stop holding her hand. And in the end,her eyes start glowing like a transformer. Its simple,edgy, and it captures the feel of the song. Here’s a link,I think  it was pretty bomb.
The American Version, on the other hand, was a completely different kind of  “bomb”.   I like quirky and weird, especially in music videos.  But this video was not, “this is kind of quirky and different, cool” weird. It was “Huh? This is plain dumb, can’t believe I m watching this” weird. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a cheesy L’Oreal hairspray product placement, and a few winks at prostitution... What are you trying to say La Roux? For all America, I take offense.      link---

 I still like La Roux's music but I think the two versions were unnecessary. Even if there had to be two versions, it could have been done differently and less commercially . Well that's what I think, What do you think? I really enjoy hearing different points of view or similar ones from my readers. :)
Many many hugs and warm feelings---Briee

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  1. Hi doll! I'm not actually really like La Roux's music, but in terms of quirky and weird music video, here here! :)) And tanks for dropping by to my blog and made such sweet comment. Also as a scroling down to your blog, I saw my blog listed on you blog list. Yay! :) So happy!! :D

    Hug and kiss kiss,


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