Wednesday, February 16, 2011

" I Think I Really Love You, But Then Again, I Could Be Wrong"


  I love music that can serve multiple purposes. For example, the Eagle and the Worm or even Css. Both of these bands' music have a very upbeat groovy, kick up your feet vibe. So, they are perfect bands to listen to on the ride home after a long stressful day. On the other hand, the lyrics are quite deep and sentimental, so, they are perfect to listen to when having a meditative moment in your bedroom on a lazier day. The music video for All I know by the Eagle and The Worm is loved by me especially, because of its scenery. Maybe I'm suffering from "the grass is greener on the other side" syndrome, but, I really desire to spend a month or two in the country. I want to go somewhere with just acres of land, hay, cows (non-stinky kind), sheep, horses and forest.  .I also quite like the video(actually band) because of all the different instruments and how they come off as a bunch of friends having a wonderful jam session...

That being said, I will explain the title of this post. I love the TvLand Channel. Problem is, I don't have cable. So, I was enthralled when they announced late 2010, that starting 2011, channel 5.2 would be called Antenna TV(Vintage without the funny smell). They have many of the classic shows: Good Times, Three's Company, Sanford&Son, The Three Stooges, Denace the Menace, Gidget, Maude,Gidget , etc.and they play vintage movies at night and on the weekends.I don't particularly like spending alot of time in front of the TV but Id gladly spend all day on that channel.

   A couple of days ago I recorded a movie on 5.2 called Cactus Flower. Its a  1969 movie about a very tangled romantic situation. When thinking about the storyline and how to condense it into a sentence, this post title is what I came up with.
    In the story a successful dentist has a very unique free-spirited and quite young girlfriend that decides that she wants commitment from him. Even though, he says he loves her, he doesn't want to get married and so he pretends to have a wife and three kids. When the girlfriend says she wants to meet the wife and negotiate with her, he gets his assistant to play the role of his estranged wife. Theres alot of mess and a tangled web of lies. In the end, the dentist ends up in true love with his assistant and the girlfriend ends up in love with her writer neighbor, who's been there for her through all the drama.The movie is very funny and stylish and I love the seventy dance scene towards the end.

        Whats funny is that in the movie, the dentist and the girlfriend are not really right for each other. They just fit each other's ideals. The girlfriend likes how the dentist is successful, dresses nice, and mature. The dentist likes that his girlfriend is young, happy-go-lucky, and doesn't require commitment. The person that would truly be perfect for them is in front of their faces, but, does not match  their "romantic ideal". Since its a movie, they figure that all out in the end and end up with their perfect match.But real life doesn't always end that prettily. The movie reminds me of the importance of how important it is  to truly know yourself ,  and to listen to your idealistic heart and your rational head to be in a happy healthy relationship. The movie also reminds me of how cute a burgundy  velvet blazer can be too.. :)



  1. do you like Gaga? :P

    pewnie nie. ;p

    but i'm sure... You like florence + the machine!
    right? :D

    I enjoy<3
    xoxo Sue.

  2. I loove Gaga . I liked her long before I even knew about florence+the machine..Florence +the machine is an acquired taste and I think I liked florence partialy because I was used to "cool wierdness" that you get form Gaga...:)


  3. sounds like such a good movie! i'll have to check it out :)


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