Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whats Your Score????????????

     Today I was looking at a site that was talking about one of my (and  more than 75% of the fashion world’s and ) favorite blogger, Tavi from the style  Someone (a real airhead no doubt) said that she is weird and dresses too fashionably etc. etc.(obviously a couch slob that’s jealous of anyone with a life.) Anywhooo.. it got me thinking. What makes a person beautiful exactly? What is the “equation” of a beautiful woman or man young or old? After much deliberation and extraction from my own viewpoint and others…I came up with(drumroll) THE PIE CHART OF TRUE BEAUTY.!!!!
                Here’s how it works: Think of the percentages as just point numbers.Ex.  For looks there is a possibility of five points. 0 points is uuugly while five points means you look like a supermodel. The history section also has a possibility of 5 points. 1 point for history means if someone asked for you to write an auto biography, they’d only get a three word sentence. 5 points means you’re a modern Annie or something. All the sections work just like that; 1 (or should I say)  0 is the  lowest extreme,and  the maximum number of the category is the highest extreme. To be truly beautiful, handsome crushworthy, you need about 75 percent as seen in the non pie chart.
                Example: 1)Pretend I’m John Mayer. I’m not a fan or necessarily a hater. He doesn’t interest me at all. (Maybe it’s because he seems to weasel himself into tabloids too much??) Some of my friends say he is pretty good so id give my John Mayer self : 9 talent points, 10 originality points, 15 morals and character points( have you read the tabloids?!!)IQ Smarts 10 points focus 6.(again read tabloids!!) Looks with his ego, he’d take all five points. History gets all 5, . Personality 7 points (based from a john Mayer story a friend told me.) All together John Mayer(if he was being honest ) would round up 67 points and that’s a completely honest evaluation. He’s semi sorta bascically  tolerable at least to me.
                Example:2)Pretend Im Johhny Depp. I (throwing superficial modesty aside), would take the gold: 10 points talent, 10 pts.for Focus, Originality -14pts. Personality 9pts.. Kept a Hollywood marriage together so Morals and character 25 points. IQ gets 12 pts. I’m also humble I get 3 look points I also get all five history points . My Johnny Depp self would get a whoopin, you’re to die for  88 points.
        Last but definitely not least, Tavi ,the blogger previously mentioned (also one of my blogging inspirations )gets 89 points.. Read her blog you’d understand….(
So now that you (hopefully) understand how this chart works. Have fun with it. Remember this chart is for a positive eye-opening experience not for self-finger pointing. Nobody’s perfect.
(Calculate your points from the pie chart before even looking at the result chart. Complete self honesty is the point of the chart.)

CHART AND RESULT TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Haha you're funny, and absolutely full of it. To get this score you'd have to be some Greek Apollo god incarnate whatever.(even those gods wouldn’t get perfect scores.) you are actually down to way below 50 points since being full of it" wipes out half your points
You are the bomb. You, my friend, are truly beautiful, handsome.. .etc. A true role model. To quote Kate Perry,"You're a fiiirrrework. Come on show them whaat you're woorth…..Boom boom boom even brighter than the moon moon moon." XD
You know you have some faults. You are humble and honest. That’s worth a lot. Humility and honesty are biggies when it comes to true attractiveness. People are drawn like magnets to those qualities. So for your humility and honesty you get 10 extra points of true attractiveness. :)
If you are one of the fallen from the 90-100 point sector, I have nothing to say to you. If you really came up with this number set, you're most likely underestimating yourself. Remember everyone has faults so you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. You want to improve yourself, yes. But you don’t want to personally stomp on your own self esteem. So give yourself an extra 10 points, and please have a trusted friend figure up your points. It’s probably alot higher than you think.
If you have at least one friend, and most people don't want you locked up, and you're reading this. Then you have self-esteem problems. You need to talk to someone you trust and get some help. Its serious because you could be chronically depressed or down the path of chronic depression, eating disorders, or much worse. Give yourself 25 points and a hug.
25 -0
Everyone has faults. Remember the point of this quiz is to focus on the positive, honest evaluation. Not to point the finger at yourself. Now go back and redo your calculations because if you were interested in this post/chart, you're not that bad.

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