Friday, January 21, 2011

A Random Post From an Adnormal Girl.

-- A few of you.. A..:), may have read this post before in my brief blogging test drive. This won't  happen again (hopefully)  but my classes have just started again and im still getting my schedule in order. Tommorrow will be a brand new post..Thanks for reading my blog .. Also please feel  mooooore than free to comment on my blog or email me feedback at  Enjoy XD

 I’m completely enthused about a  new band called Chew Lips. Well at least it’s new to me.  . Their music has my essential four. 1) Heartbeat beat 2) trance-inducing sound 3) deep symbolic lyrics and 4) still eternally youthful feel.. ; Erik Hassle is another artist( with the previously mentioned musical qualities) whose music inspires me . I personaly  relate to his song Don’t Bring Me Flowers After I’m Dead. Don’t wait to show someone how much you like/love them until they are dead. Do it now, when they are alive because waiting , then having them die ,and then showing all your feelings, is useless to you and the other person and  just plain pathetic. It’s a lesson I’m always going to remember regarding family, friends, crushes etc.

  I had to point this out....(  the picture on the bottom or left  is of erik hassle..  La Roux is on the top  .. keep  in mind that the  guy has natural orange red hair just like la roux) I knooooh right....... They are totally brother and sister or at the least 1st cousins... If the roux and erik hasssle are not very very closely  related (which Im 99.99% sure they are,) then they are destined to be one of those eerie, creepy  look- alike couples that just irk me.
 of course a pic of my original blog topic Chew Lips..XD

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