Sunday, January 16, 2011

To wear a helmet when bike riding or not to wear the helmet? That is the question of this beautiful weekend. And I mean all bike riding including riding a cruiser around on a beach path.. If you are under eighteen you are technically under law to wear a helmet whenever you are on wheels anywhere. But, what if you are over eighteen? What if you, like me, just like to take your cruiser for a spin on a beach path on weekends, or down to the bookstore or mall down the street,  is the helmet really necessary? Yes yes it is. Think about all that you and your family has invested in yourself and your future. Your parents worked their butts off to give you a roof over your head, food in your stomach, clothes on your body, so you could go to school and focus on your education.( if you didn’t have that but you are still here. You are even more awesome because you invested in yourself all the more.  you are soo worth the helmet) .Think about all the time you took to cultivate friendships,hobbies, passions.. All the effort  you are taking and have taken to build a future for yourself. Now, imagine all of that down the drain , wasted over little more than a fashion statement, to look cute, hot, cool WHATEVER. Imagine after all the work, being blind, deaf, mute, comatose or all four because of birth circumstances out of your control, a tragic accident that was out of your control,no no because you wanted to look cute; a safety misdemeanor that was sooo in your control. Sounds absolutely silly, right. Granted it doesn’t sound silly when you’re on the beach or with friends and you’re the only one with a helmet. It doesn’t sound silly when you feel like the dorkiest nerd since Urkel . It doesn’t sound silly when you feel like people are giving you that “ you look old enough ,to know full well how to ride a bike ,so why are you wearing that ugly helmet” look( side note, that’s absolutely s all in your head and if it isn’t,  that for real dork isn’t worth the time of day). But, honestly, your mind is your most valuable delicate possession, even more than an exotic, thousand yr- old, Ming Dynasty,  vase with the secret to the Mona Lisa written on it in code.(haha ridik right) If you were on a bike with that vase in your basket, you would tie it down and wrap pillows around it so it wouldn’t so much as bear a scratch. That’s a vase, why would you give any less to your powerhouse, your heart, conscience, mind and key to life, your brain. You’d be surprised what could happen on a bike even on the beach. You could get stung by bee or get sand in your eyes. You swerve and fall smack on your head …hard. You could get hit by a drunk or worse texting driver.  While  you might think people are staring at you riding with that huge helmet like you are wierd. What I think and most reasoning human beings will think is that there riding past, is someone whose invested a lot in themselves, appreciates what others have invested in themself, wants a future, wants to enjoy life to the fullest, is willing to walk against the stupid crowd, and someone that’s worth getting to know better. And if you feel dorky, remember you are probably not the dorkiest person on that bike path or beach..( esp. if you are on a beach you’ll see people who knock your dorkiness into oblivion.) And anyways you don’t know those people, you owe them nothing esp not your head. 
                Have Fun—Be Safe

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  1. Haha... I dont think i even own a helmet XD
    But very nice brie bire ;D


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