Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fashionable vs. Stylish

Today I learned an important lesson on being stylish on a budget from a situation with a jean jacket. I won’t get into the details of the situation but I will on the lesson. Being fashionable and being stylish to are two different things. The fashionable girl is either rich or broke (at least her parents are). She is always on top of the trends. Shes got a massive closet absolutely overflowing  with clothes.. somewhat cute ones..Problem is: 1)she’s wasting money 2)She has no style. Expanding on number 1), if our fashionable friend is not super rich, she is probably shopping, forever 21 and friends. Don’t get me wrong I love forever 21 (and friends) , but Il be the first to tell you that forever 21 is not all its hyped to be. It’s cheap. You are not getting a bargain, a steal. You are paying low prices for ridiculously low quality stuff.(  I’l stop there, I could go on and on about forever 21 and friends , but I will reserve that for another post, a different day.)And any who , if you’re fortunate enough to have serious bank and shop high quality designer stores, its still a bad idea to be fashionable. It’s a plain waste of money. It’s money that’s better given to charities, those in need.(see link to Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth.)Now il explain #2 by describing the stylish young lady. Our stylish best friend has a select style. Her style could be described in a maximum of five words. (examples s.y.l #1’s style is , colorful vintage bohemian or sleek and modern, or plain timeless etc etc).If she’s loaded she shops a couple high or med-high quality stores. If she, like me and most of the population, has a very limited budget, she shops sales at quality stores and vintage. Her clothes reflect facets of her personality, intentionally. Even if she thinks something is supper cute, she doesn’t buy it unless its”her”. This automatically will save money and not leave you in one of those” I got a ton of clothes but nothing I want to wear” situations.. 

Emma Watson my styleicon(thats still living) exudes the happy, confident stylish young lady we all want to be

Another happy confident  1920 stylish lady coming out of her car..
The ultimate destiny of the fashionable girl moneyfull or sadd never be like her..
Have friends..=)



    THis is the post to Andrew Carnegies Gospel of Wealth that I forgot to post ... read and enjoy..XD

  2. Haha, most of my clothes come from my friends, cousins, grandma, and a few from the store :)
    I have tons of clothes.... If only i actually liked at least half of them...I'd be happy. :|



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