Monday, January 31, 2011

This is not an excuse, This is a Reason..And The Like

Pics and some cool stuff (made by moi) are soon to come...Hopefully by the weekend..I am suuper  loaded right now with high school, classes, piano, ballet, and personal concerns that arent going away..Im totally
feeling this painting.

But, noo fear i won't give up blogging. Writing and designing posts is so relaxing, as is reading comments and other blogs..I just love this little world..:) Anyways heres what I was thinking about today..The Like..They are a super cool girl band. I love crazily obsessively love the combination of vintage and modern.And the Like are exactly that. their sound is old-school sixties pop but modernly better. I don't think that was very articulate..but i think the music will speak well enough for itself.. Pics and links below..  Have a Happy Tuesday..xoxo:)

I love their song Hes Not A Boy and I adore their video(link below)..After watching it, I teased my bobbed hair, hairsprayed my hair to death and did the mash potato..just happy as I could be..


  1. I love that song, they seem really cool! Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog!

  2. Hello!

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments! I love picnics too :) and I agree that blogging is relaxing, I always look foward to blogging on my weekends!

    Hope your weekend has been fab xx


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