Sunday, January 30, 2011


 I had a wonderful weekend. I didn't really do anything exciting but I did some planning for amazing weekends to come. :) Concerts, party, and a career in ballet. I started ballet again after three years of a "break". It wasn't so bad because I practiced the steps all the time at home. 1 problem is that my ankle muscles are flop, and im as flexible as a wooden stick. But, we all start somewhere don't we. During the class I thought about a poster in my piano teacher's studio. Its a little kid in a huge baseball stadium with a baseball bat bigger than he is. On the top it says every pro was a beginner...Inspired...My goal is to wear pointe shoes and to be flexible as a rubber stick. My ballet teacher says that if I work hard I could wear pointe shoes in a year. Flexibility is on me and how often I do some serious stretches. Tommorow I'll hopefully do a pic post on my ballet experience. For the meantime here are my
 ballet endeavour inspiration pictures.

I hope you had an amazing weekend..
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I saw this fashion inspiration video the other day..and fell in love.. (link below)Hope you enjoy..from topshop.

Until next time..Salut.!!!!!

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