Saturday, January 22, 2011

Florence + the Machine

            I Looooove Florence Welsh( florence+the machine) About a week ago I got an email from her website that had a link to a video to Tabitha Duenholms's video Florence's Letters to LA. Its a beautiful video. Tabitha really captured her mystical spirit. I saw her in concert in LA on November 6th in the Wiltern. Some friends and I were on our feet for 8 hours, just so that we could be close to her during the concert.  . It was soo  worth it. She is soo amazing live. Florence involves the crowd and feeds off their energy. You can just feel how the music is soo much a part of her and just from the heart.. I literaly cried when she sang Cosmic Love( the song is soo beautiful and  my feet happened to be just killing me.) Her self, music, and video really inspire me. Its all  about being in the present,and allowing your surroundings to fascinate you.  Florence Welsh reminds me of my mantra:  Dreams are like stars.. you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead to your destiny.... Below is Florence 's Letters to La and  my favorite pictures of Florence just being absoulutely inspiring            enjoy :)
Tabitha's "Florence's Letters to LA"   >link

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  1. loveee florence! she's an amazing singer :)
    thanks for following! I adore your blog, (esp the background, its so cool!) and im following you :)


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