Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Mystery Goes A Long Way


This weekend I went for a pleasant bikeride on the beach. Unfortunately  I left my earphones at home. (no Best Coast  no happy..frown.. )But actually  maybe i should say "fortunately" . Since I wasn't listening to anything I could really take in my surroundings..And I got lots of blog post inspiration.(people watching, wierdos galore.) One thing that particulary caught my  blog post eye was just the lack of mystery.
        I mean girls in skimpy string bikinis, guys in thongs ,letting absoulutely evvvverything hang out..Im all for loving your body, comfort in your skin , taking risks and all that. Buuuuuttt when you are wearing those things its..well isnt much better than going around naked. Most people dont want to see that (hopefully)...
            Also since sooo many people go on the beach half-naked, you get lost in the crowd of bodies. Since you're practically naked someone who's decent (just wants to get to know you) probably wont feel comfortable talking to you.You really miss out because sometimes the beach is a good place to meet people. Depending on the beach (if you're a regular local and whatnot,) its possible to make friends or meet potential girlfriends/boyfriends. What you really want  is someone interested in you ,not your body.  Im pretty sure that   if  people wore a   bathing suit  that shows only about 60% of skin and flatters their body shape.. they'll find people will want to look, even talk to them for good, non-creepy reasons.

Im sure that you all have seen string bikinis and im not going to include pics ..but here's some pretty chic swimsuit ideas for girls            (guys: for you its simple. Just two rules (1)trunks suffice, no no more than suffice..theyre great awesome.. (2) otherwise when picking swimwear remember Do sporty  athletic Dont (emphasize don't)  come anywhere close to walking male anatomy lesson)

See.. if you cover-up alittle you get smoldering, mysterious but approachable, and beautifully winn winnnn...  X)

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