Tuesday, January 25, 2011


    I loooove Chipotle Mexican Grill. Their food is always super fresh. My favorite thing about Chipotle is their guacamole. Not only does it taste good but you can tell that they make it themselves at the restaurant..If you ever have made guac yourself, you'll know that it is hard to grind the avocado smooth,( actually practically impossible.) So you know a restaurant made their own guacmole when it isn't smooth, but its chunky.  And   Chipotle's guacmole is always full of heavenly avocado chunks. Yes im obsessing, but  really, it is so refreshing to be able to get relatively cheap, fast, unprocesed, healthy food that tastes really good.  The opposite of that is McDonalds.... 
    A couple Saturday nights ago, me and a friend went to get some coffee to drink while watching Saturday Night Live.. Starbucks surprisingly was closed, so we mosied on over to Mickey D's instead. We went through the drive-thru and ordered coffee and fries. While in the drive-thru, I saw a McDonald employee walk out of McDonalds walk across the street to Wingstop, get a takeout order and bring it back to McDonalds. Then she sits in a McyD booth and eats. Remember, this is around midnight, its super dark and hardly anyones out. So what she did was pretty dangerous,and  it would have been  alot easier and safer for her just to eat the food she was giving other people.After seeing that, I don't think I ever ate McDonald's ever again... 
      If the people who work at the place don't eat there, you know you shouldn't eat there. At chipotle I see the employees make a burrito for themselves and eat it for their break all the time. Chipotle is just da bomb. The food is great , the decor is cool and  the music they play is awesome...
     On that Mc Donald's note, below is a link to Best Coast's When Im With You, Music Video...The song is lovely; the video was one of the inspirations for this post (other than slighty hungry/ chipotle cravings)   .. watch the video: it'll put a smile on your face and youll also understand why it had a hand in this post.     ..  :D    Enjoy and I hope you had a not-so Monday curse  Monday   .. :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sj5_WITMpA   >When Im With You Best Coast


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  2. Starting next week I will post my favorite skit from Saturday night live and my thoughts on it every Monday or Sunday..Let me know if you like the idea or want to veto it.. :)

  3. What if that person who worked at McDonalds ALWAYS ate McDonalds but she was sick of it, so she wanted some thing new.... lol I hate McDonalds too but still.... haha


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