Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inspired by the Colors and the Irony

As I have already said ,I am cuckcoo about the movie FunnyFace. The  fashion in the movie is marvelous and soo classy chic. My favorite characters were Jo(Audrey Hepburn) and Dick (Fred Astaire), of course, but I was quite enamoured with the character Margie(Kay Thompson). Margie was the editor of the highly respected fashion magazine, Quality, which was hiring Jo to be their model. Her number Think Pink was marvelous.

What was really funny was what was after the Think Pink musical number. An assistant asks Margie if she is going to start wearing pink. She waves the thought from her mind with her hand and says very frankly,"I wouldn't be caught dead in (pink)." Having a  sarcastic sense of humor myself, I found that hilarious. Ever noticed, that most designers never wear the crazy outfits they put on the runway, or even follow the trends?They wear very basic clothes, classy never trendy. Makes me wonder, hmm? I think excellent fashion and financial advice is " Do as the designers do, Not as they say(er create.)" :)

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