Tuesday, January 24, 2012

" Tell The Children The Truth"

I recently had the misfortune to see some "children's shows". Alot of the shows don't make any sense and or feature a character that is the very essence of the word brat. Only at the end do they say what bad thing the  kid did, but, most of the time the misbehavior is dismissed. Not to say all shows are like that. There are a few children's shows that teach good lessons, reinforce good behavior and are just plain charming. I personally am a huge classic winnie the pooh fan. I think more care should be taken in making a kid's show. Shows and movies can have a profound effect on a child because they are intelligent and pick up on things good and bad.
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(title- Bob Marley quote )

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  1. I hate kids shows that exist today, so bad and so ugly.
    Me, I'm a Disney Classic fan and always I will be.


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