Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Loveliest Roses Grow From Manure, Dirt and Love.

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Recently, many things have been happening. Ive been practicing piano allot and I performed at an art gallery today. Which, was fun and a nice experience.The art gallery had not only a pianist, but poetry readings, and a speech by the co-organizer of the event. He talked about why they held the event and why happiness comes from making someone else happy and not from anything else.That is why the best thing to do when depressed or distressed is to get involved in charity/volunteer work and to express yourself in art. Some of the best art(writing/music/paintings) were done in distress.One young man's painting, that sold quite well, was done when his family was torn apart, and it was his first painting ever.
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That reminded me of one of my favorite movies, "Becoming Jane". (Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy, who could ask for more?). All of the details in the movie are not verified facts, since Jane Austen had most of the detailed letters to her sister concerning her private life  burned, but, what is true, is that neither her or her sister ever married because of adverse circumstances. If Miss Austen had married, we probably wouldn't have her wonderful novels  because she never would have had time to write them. There wouldn't have been a remarkable Elizabeth Bennet to inspire so many young women. The Lesson: Good always wins. Heartbreak and disappointments can be the start of something wonderful if we let them be and, handle them
To conclude: pictures from the 30's. 1930 was the golden era of the cinema; movies were never as glamorous as they were in the 30's, the time of The Great Depression.
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Much thanks for reading. Many hugs and warm feelings. Have a wondertastic weekend. :)


  1. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    unfortunately i've already dyed my hair- and have been for some time- but i definitely regret it because its all different colours and i just want it back to it's natural colour. the pictures you post are always so pretty and vintage and you have such a lovely way of talking xx

  2. That is so amazing, to perform :). Congratulations!
    I'm an visual artist and I my art helped me when I was in a really bad place.

  3. Amazing post <3 Have a 'wondertastic' weekend youself ;)

  4. and oh congratulations on your performance ! :)


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