Saturday, April 16, 2011

Because I Love Me, I Can Truly Love You.

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  It's funny that even though I don't quite like my homework(partially because it often is preventing me from blogging), today's post was inspired by it. Well,it was inspired by my English homework, which shouldn't even count as homework, since, I  love doing it. Now that I think about it, this blog is like my English homework for fun. My English homework  consists of  summaries/"reviews" on literature, and an essay on a subject of sorts, which, is emmaspicnic in a vague nutshell. Recently, my essay subject was on how I've changed. When I was writing, it dawned on me that I didn't actually change, I just  discovered and embraced. After I finished, I was inspired to do a "here's what makes me and  I'm gonna celebrate it" post.
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At age 8, I started playing piano because my great grandmother sent us her piano. At first , I wasn't too ecstatic about actually practicing the piano everyday. But since, I had nothing better to do and I liked my piano teacher, I went through with the tedious practicing. I started with Romantic period classical music, because I adore how beautiful and  expressive it is. For awhile, I had a  love hate thing going with the piano and classical music. On one hand I liked the way it sounded, but, on the other hand, it wasn't "cool" like guitar, drums or even jazz piano. So, I started  jazz piano. I liked playing jazz, but it was difficult since I am  a completely classical girl. This year  was the turning point. I'm back to my Federic Chopin and Peter Tchaikovsky crazed self and am currently practicing Mozart's Fantasy in D minor like crazy so I can get into a music program at my school.
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Another thing I adore is ballet. What really draws me to it, is how breathtakingly beautiful it is. Ballet looks really fluid, and effortless, but it's quite the opposite. To dance ballet is extremely difficult. Every part of the body is used in every step. Ballet reminds me of an intense dance version of pilates. Even though it is a difficult dance, its refreshing for the mind. Whenever I'm stressed, after practicing or even watching ballet, I'm completely relaxed. Some people deep breathe when they're mentally strained; I flex my toes and arches.
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Strangely enough, my favorite place to hang out is the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I love the beautiful Victorian paintings and stone sculptures. The experience is the best when you have a tour guide. They know so much about the paintings and their histories. My dream summer job is to be a guide at the Getty museum. Its would be so surreal to spend a summer in the beautiful air-conditioned Getty surrounded by relics of the past.My last singular but not so singular obsession is flappers. If time travel was possible, I would stay in the Roaring Twenties. The best movies in my opinion are from the twenties and thirties. I actually like movies with white lines going through the picture and iffy sound. It's  looking into a very fashionable and bygone era. The fashion industry should bring back the heavy rouge, short hair , hats and long pearls. (  By-the-way, I'm currently reading The Great Gatsby  and loving it) The following video is from youtube but uploaded by, which is now one of my favorites.(  esp. love the flapper lingo dictionary.)
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I hope you were inspired by this post, as much as I was inspired by my english assignment.:)  Today, I found loads of music videos by some bands I recently found out about and love. And it's my much anticipated Spring Break, so the posts will come rooolllling in. Much thanks and Many many hugs and kisses and warm feelings .:)


  1. Aw I absolutely know what you mean about museums - though I have never been to the Getty - it sounds lovely! My favourite place in Melbourne is the National Gallery of Victoria because it is so quiet and reflective :)

    Annnnd The Great Gatsby is AMAZING isn't it!

  2. This is such a beautiful post, so beautiful. Amazing.
    I work with children that play violin, I love people that can play at an instrument.

  3. Thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    these pictures are so gorgeous! xxx

  4. Wow these pictures are beautiful.. and the writing is really inspiring,
    Following (:


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