Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Pots of Gold Are Only Seen With Rose Colored Glasses.

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      The other weekend I learned a lesson about first impressions and perspective. A friend really wanted to see the movie Soul Surfer and I wasn't enthused. I was already familiar with that story and I didn't particularly want to see a movie about surfing. But, I saw it anyway ,and surprisingly, I loved it. The movie was beautifully done. Annasophia is an amazing actress. The movie will make you want to go to Hawaii and surf.(Warning : a few moderate spoilers)  Soul Surfer talked allot about the importance of perspective. Beth(soul surfer)'s spiritual leader, in one scene, showed her group a slideshow of different objects at differing perspectives. For example, we see one picture which looks like "a dead rotting brain" but, at a different perspective it turns out to be a walnut. Beth sees the real-life application of this principle when she visits a country ravaged by tsunami, shortly after her recovery. She comes to realize that her injury helped her embrace and inspire people all over the world. Gaining perspective is vital to succeed in life. That's why one of the best things to do when going through a hard time, is to volunteer and someone else. No matter how big our trials are, there is someone who has it allot worse and is conquering. When we realize that, we can have the confidence to trudge through our own problem.
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   I'm personally inspired by the people of Japan. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did. Homes, communities, families and friends have been lost. But, the country immediately focused on rebuilding Japan instead of pitying themselves. When  I think about what happened in Japan, and, how the survivors rallied together afterward, whatever problem I'm having seems extremely small and conquerable.  In one sentence, what I learned from Soul Surfer and Japan: After a storm, there's always a rainbow, maybe even a pot of gold, but, it all depends on your outlook
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Much thanks for reading. I hope  the inspiration spread to you. :) To conclude, a music video from She and Him. I'm cuckoo about their music..) Their songs are real, but cheery at the same time. I love this video especially because its relatable and super cute. Enjoy. :)

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If you're interested in a good laugh; a collection of my favorite Doug the Puppet videos .Here . Many many hugs and warm feelings.


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