Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Laughing is the Best Calorie-Burner and Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls

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This post will be about the things in life that make me happy and inspire "life is good." thoughts. First of all, guinea pigs.I love love guinea pigs. When I had a guinea pig(actually guinea pigs) I just wanted to hug them close to my cheek and kiss them. Which, is really bad and germy. Anyways, some of my wonderful housemates are terribly allergic(even more than I am), so my  too cute buddies are with other families. But, whenever I do move to my own place, the first thing Il do is adopt a guinea pig. They are soo cute, cuddly and precious it'll be worth a few sniffles and tissues.

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  Speaking of furry pets, another favorite thing of mine are funny comics about furry pets/animals.My top picks are Garfield, Get fuzzy and Pearls before Swine. In case you haven't read these comics here's what they are about. Garfield is a fat, ornery, cat who loves lasagna, TV, sleep, pizza, making fun of his owner Jon and kicking his fellow pet Odie off the table. His sarcastic take on life is hilarious.
 Get Fuzzy is about Bucky the cat. Bucky doesn't know much but he thinks he does. He also thinks he is the toughest cat on the block while in reality he is mostly fur. Bucky loves tuna,his fang, strolling out late at night, sleep, tricking and making fun of Satchel the dog, tricking and making fun of dogs in general, and insulting his owner Rob. I don't think Ive ever gone through two pages of a Get Fuzzy comic book without dying laughing. My favorite Get Fuzzy moments are 1) when Bucky beats the stuffing out of a tickle me Elmo doll because it laughed at him and 2) when Rob is about to go to a dance party and Bucky says that his suit is "Oscar-de-la-deargodwhy" and  his moves will be " as hip as a snake with osteoporosis."  ,
 Pearls before Swine is about a group of animals, who are friends, but its not about their friendship, but, their lives. The best moments are the arguments between the alligators and their"zeeba neighbur" . The alligators are in some way trying to get the "zeeba" to go to their home so they can eat him. The other funny parts are when the mouse tries to write a children's book because they tend to be stories about frustrated people who solve their problems with violence. 
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    I think another one of my fave things are cute couples/ cute couple pics and cute/honest relationship quotes and sweet rock/pop love songs. They always make me smile for some reason or the other. Some of the cutest celebrity couples I can think of are/were, Zack Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Carrie Mulligan and Shia Lebouf, Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper, Alexa Chung and Alex Turner, and Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall. I know, none of these couples are together anymore, but, they were cute while they lasted. My thinking cell's coffee is relationship quotes. My favorites are ones that are funny or just painfully true. Also, my fave love songs are Kelsey by Metrostation, Love like Woe by The Ready Set, Cupid Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes and One time by Justin Beiber. I love my indie music but there's nothing like a totally mainstream pop love song.
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While I'm talking about pop love songs, this post will end with  a music video by Rooney. It is super cute and funny. I love when he enters through her little balcony and he's just with his hair blowing just super dramatic.

Yes, that is the guy from the Princess Diaries, Robert Schwartzman. Anywhoos, much thanks for reading. And, Many many hugs and warm feelings.:)   (Mae West post coming sooon. Still in works, :( :)  )


  1. Rooney <3 and of course Garfield! I love to watch my little bro read garfield; his reaction is possibly funnier than the cartoon itself :)


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